November 26th: Goplana Grzeski Kokosowe

Kcal 545 Fat 31.8g Carbs 54.3g (per 100.0g)

I took my first, and rather unsuccessful dip into the world of Polish chocolate last week with the Nestle Princessa. Had I already known how truly awful that bar was, I might not have been so keen to review anything from Poland again. Saying that I bought, this Goplana Grzeski Kokosowe bar at the same time as I bought the Nestle Princessa - so in the interest of not having it lieing in my review box for the next few months I thought I would just take the plunge.

This bar comprised of a 'white chocolate-coated wafer, filled with coconut cream'. It took an unnervingly similar form to that of the Princessa - coming in an exactly the same 36.0g serving size and with the same type of packaging. Whats more the actual bar looked exactly like the Nestle product, just with the obvious variation in it's colour. Fearing the worst, I took the bar from its wrapper and and was actually met with some reasonably nice smelling coconut scents. They were not quite as strong as other coconut products I have had (Bounty etc), but in comparison to the Princessa this actually smelt pretty good.

Despite comprising of only 2.7% coconut, the smell translated into a reasonably nice tasting coconut creme. It offered a nice cool, milky nutty flavour that on the whole was largely enjoyable. The white chocolate was as unfortunately equally as flavourless as the milk chocolate of the Princessa and really struggled to establish anything more than a sweet minor milky flavour. Not only was the flavour of the white chocolate largely forgettable, but its texture was pretty poor too. It had a waxy, grainy melt that was altogether pretty horrid. The wafer element was slightly better implemented in this bar than the Princessa - it didn't suffer the limpness that I found in the Nestle bar, and had a relative crunch. The coconut flavour left a lingering sweet flavour in the mouth that made this a largely more satisfying snack than the Princessa.

Overall despite still far from lighting any fires, this Grzeski bar did a lot of things better than its Nestle comparator. It tasted superior thanks to the pleasant coconut creme - the white chocolate was still distinctly lacking in quality, though, even that was marginally better than the milk chocolate of the Princessa. This combined with the extra bite of the wafer meant by and large this was an ok product ... I stress the word ... ok!! This isn't a bar I would massively recommend, but my faith in Polish products to an extent has been restored.

7.0 out of 10