November 26th: Lindt Weihnachts Edelbitter-Chocolade

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today courtesy yet again of Dean-German-Grocery, I tried another component of the Lindt Christmas range - the 'Weihnachts Edelbitter-Chocolade' ... roughly translated as 'Bitter Christmas Chocolate'. The bar was comprised of a 70% dark chocolate that was filled with a chocolate mousse that was hinted with our favourite Christmas spices :) coriander and cinnamon. Will someone please explain to me the significance of these spices to the Christmas period!? We hardly get them in chocolate here in the UK, but as we have seen from the German Christmas bars (Milka etc!), these ingredients are very common indeed.

This bar was presented much the same as the (terrible!!!) Lindt Christmas Punch, with the 100.0g bar separated in to podded sections, definitely a unique and interesting way of presenting the product. As with every Lindt product under the sun the presentation was top quality, with the packaging combining some impressive exterior looks with some fresh keeping inner foil layers. Taking the bar out of its foil wrapper, some enjoyable strong cocoa scents quickly made their presence known. Their was an underlying hint of cinnamon, though the cocoa was largely dominant - it was highly appealing.

The exterior chocolate that lined the pods retained many of the same attributes as the Lindt Excellence 70% bar I reviewed way back in June. The chocolate had an initial bitter, smokey set of flavours that grew kinder and kinder as the melt progressed, up until the point I would describe as nearly verging on sweet. At the centre of the pods was a mousse filling that was noticeably lighter than the thick melt of the coating chocolate. The flavour of the centres was noticeably milkier, though the spices largely dominated the overall taste. In other offerings containing these cinnamon and coriander ingredients, their flavours have always been noticeable, but never as strongly present as in this bar. Like the initial intensity of the chocolate, at first the strength of the spices, especially the cinnamon, was a little startling. As I consumed more and more, the flavours simmered down into a more agreeable enhancing contribution to the taste, rather than a dominant one. Due to the strength of the flavours, this was a product I enjoyed over several sittings; and was most pleasant eating alongside a morning coffee.

Overall despite being largely enjoyable, I wouldn't say this is a product that is best consumed in great quantities. The flavours were very imposing, and definitely one of the richer chocolates I have ever tried. Like I have stated above, I found consuming this bar in small servings most enjoyable. Just letting one block slowly melt on the tongue, allowed for the slow release and flavour progression that some bars can only dream of. I think this is an offering of quite an acquired taste, and one that is meant for a specific situation. This is not your Kit Kat bar with your lunch time sarnie type of chocolate, but one that demands time and effort into its consumption. If you have the patience, and tolerance for the more strongly flavoured chocolates, this is a bar I would very much recommend.

8.4 out of 10