November 28th: Lindt Eiscafe-Pralines

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Those of you who have been following Chocolate Mission for a while now will be aware that I am a massive fan of chocolate and coffee combinations. Somewhat surprisingly my favourite coffee flavoured bar so far has been the Twix Java, one of very few worthwhile limited editions. Being the fan I am, you can probably imagine my delight when Dean-German-Grocery sent these Lindt Eiscafe-Pralines through. These chocolates were formed of a combination of white chocolate and mocha milk chocolate that was studded with small coffee pieces.

Being a Lindt product the presentation was top notch. The chocolates came in a stylish looking box, that contained 12 chocolates (90.0g). The box was nicely designed with an enticing looking picture and gold font. Inside the chocolates were well protected within a tray, as well as one of those cushioned paper layers. The chocolate pieces themselves were well presented in branded foil sleeves; I liked the aesthetic appeal of the shell shapes, though they were not the greatest size to eat in one mouthful. Upon opening the box I was met with a very pleasant mixture of coffee and cocoa smells - combined they smelt remarkably mocha-like.

As you can see above the chocolates were layered with the white chocolate on the bottom of the product. This meant that when placed in the mouth the initial flavours were very milky, with quite a prevalent vanilla element. As the white chocolate melted away the stronger flavours of the mocha chocolate came into play, adding a more intense but still quite creamy mixture of cocoa and coffee flavours. Contained within the mocha chocolates were small crunchy granules of coffee that when encountered added a real burst of strong coffee beans flavours. I can't say I hugely enjoyed the slightly grainy texture they brought, but there was no doubting the extra coffee hit they delivered to the overall taste, was highly worthwhile and extended the flavour longevity immensely. Though very enjoyable, these were not the richest of coffee chocolates I have tried - I easily ate half a pack in one sitting.

Overall these were a very pleasant tasting chocolate coffee combination. These were one of the creamier offerings I have tried of this mix - most others have used dark chocolate. The combination of the white chocolate and mocha chocolates made for a very milky and creamy taste, which added with the coffee pieces delivered a superb cappuccino/mocha taste. I can see how some people may be put off by the perceived over intense flavours of dark chocolate and coffee combinations - for those people I think this would be a highly appropriate choice.

8.3 out of 10