November 2nd: Ferrero Kusschen

Kcal 53 Fat 4.1g Carbs 3.2g (per piece)

Thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I have really been able to give the Ferrero range a thorough look at. The Ferrero Kusschen (translated = 'Kiss') are according to the website only available in Denmark. They closely follow the premise of the Rocher, though vary slightly in their appearance and lack of wafer.

At first glance I didn't recognise these as a Ferrero product. The packaging had a slightly less premium look about it in comparison to other Ferrero products. I thought the orange foil wrappers were ever so slightly tacky looking, however the chocolates themselves had a nice shape and looked pretty enticing when cross sectioned. The individual foil wrappers ensured the chocolates had a nice aroma, I could detect a strong nutty scent similar to that of the Rocher.

Each of the chocolates a thick outer layer of milk chocolate that melted smoothly at a nice slow rate releasing a longing milky flavour. The inner praline was interspersed with small hazelnut pieces, that further accentuated the creamy nuttiness of the filling. The middle hazelnuts seemed relatively fresh and had a nice crunch, though at times I found them to lack flavour. I am not a big fan of wafers, though I actually quite missed the presence of the layer in this product in comparison to the Rocher. It was not a layer I particularly championed when reviewing the Rocher, but with it removed, there was a noticeable loss to the interest of the textures, and even the absence of the minor malt flavours was very noticeable. The nut flavours lasted a reasonably long time in the mouth, a few of these chocolates at a time provided an adequate snack.

Overall I couldn't help but feel that these were a step down from the Rocher. I don't know what the difference is price wise, though I would hazard a guess that these are maybe a slightly less premium line from Ferrero!? Anyone able to shed some light on this? Don't get me wrong - the milk chocolate had a nice milky appeal, and the praline and chopped nuts added a nice creamy nutty aspect; I just felt these were not the full rounded product that the Rocher are. If you really don't care for wafers and enjoy your Ferrero products, it is very likely you will enjoy these ... personally I'm just going to stick with my Rocher and Rondnoir.

7.4 out of 10