November 2nd: Ritter Sport Voll Erdnuss (Peanut)

Kcal 558 Fat 38.3g Fat(sats) 16.9g Carbs 39.7g (per 100.0g)

Dipping yet again into my seemingly bottomless pit of goodies from Dean-German-Grocery, I today sampled yet another flavour from the Ritter Sport range - 'Voll Erdnuss' ... that's peanuts to us English speaking folk. Comprising of over 30% peanuts, like the hazelnut variants the milk chocolate was literally bursting to the seams with nuts a plenty.

The outer wrapping was pretty brightly coloured for the normally more reserved Ritter Sport brand. Despite not being enamored with the choice of colour for the wrapper, the bar looked fantastic with the peanut pieces especially prevalent. Although the peanuts held a very heavy presence, the aroma of the bar surprisingly lacked the strong nutty impact I was expecting. There were the usual dairy smells from the milk chocolate, but the nutty scents were very mild ... unfortunately a indication of what was to come.

As I have described above the peanuts were very heavily portioned. Despite the large number they failed to fashion any sort of notable impact on the taste of the bar. The peanuts seemed largely flavourless, lacking the expected buttery, nutty flavours that I envisaged before tasting. The milk chocolate was even spoilt somewhat from its usual slightly better than average quality. The milky flavours and smooth texture seemed disjointed and spoilt somewhat by the sheer blandness of the peanuts. The milky flavours of the chocolate had a relatively short lifespan in the mouth, the peanuts offered very little aside from a minor roasted, savoury flavour. The bar failed to deliver any really long sustaining taste, a 50.0g portion was to be honest very unsatisfying.

Overall I guess I really cursed myself last week when I called Ritter Sport 'one of the most consistent brands I have reviewed' ..... DOH!! This bar was far from a tragedy, but it was also by far the worst Ritter Sport flavour I have tried so far. Unlike the rest of the range, this bar simply lacked flavour. I was expecting a strong nutty experience along the lines of the hazelnut variants, but in comparison this bar was severely lacking in flavour depth and agreeable textures. On the whole I wouldn't recommend this variant, it was completely devoid of charm, especially considering the high standard Ritter Sport has set itself. In my opinion probably best to miss this one out.

6.7 out of 10