November 4th: Lindt Christmas Truffles

Dean-German-Grocery have really spoilt me, sending me a great deal of samples from Lindt's Christmas range. As we have seen already there are some fantastic products this year (see here!), these mini truffles particularly intrigued me.

All three came sized about 30.0g ... think
Quality Street Big Ones ... but with a lot more class :) Each of them came stunningly presented in dainty, but classy small boxes. Inside the truffles were protected by plastic film layers. As you can see from the pictures all three truffles looked fantastic. Each had a different nut placed on top, and all of them had detailed and intricate crafting detail. The distinct layering of the fillings further added to what on the whole were some stunningly presented products.

Below are my tasting notes for each - I have done my best translating the names ... any kind people who can confirm/help me out with these please do:

Lindt Christmas Yuletide Truffle:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

All of these truffles included an amazing amount of layers - this Yuletide truffle in particular which included an outer layer of solid milk chocolate, a layer of lighter whipped milk and white chocolate placed on top, an egg-nogg truffle filling, a vanilla creme filling, all of which was topped off by a sugared hazelnut .... phew!! It smelt fantastic - several creamy, dairy scents released themselves from the plastic wrapping.

I was sad enough to cut each of theses truffles in to four smaller pieces. Each piece provided a delightful set of flavours, that varied largely depending on which constituent was most present. The outer milk chocolate set a lovely context for the inner fillings. It wasn't the strongest in its flavours, but its simple smooth milky taste allowed the overall taste to be expanded by the egg-nog and vanilla creme. The egg-nogg had a wonderful whipped texture and added nutmeg and rum flavours in to the mix. The vanilla creme took a bit of a backseat to the egg-nog, but it noticeably noted the aftertaste. The hazelnut piece topped it off nicely offering a long woody taste. The light nature of the fillings meant this wasn't the most fulfilling chocolate ever, but nevertheless it was highly enjoyable.

Overall a high quality truffle that offered several variable different elements to its taste. I particularly enjoyed the flavours from the egg-nog. Personally I would rather the centre had been completely filled with the egg-nog truffle, rather than shared with the vanilla creme. This was a very minor criticism though - a fantastic truffle.

8.4 out of 10

Lindt Christmas Festive Truffle:Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

This festive truffle was formed of: an outer layer of milk chocolate, a layer of whipped dark and milk chocolate on top, a filling that constituted of half marzipan and half nut creme, and finally a sugared almond. It had similar appealing creamy scents as the Yuletide variant, though it also had spicy elements to its fragrance, due to the coriander and cinnamon contained in the nut creme.

Once again the outer milk chocolate performed its task of providing an understated coating chocolate well, with its enjoyable, if a little unspectacular milky flavours. As the smell suggested the coriander and cinnamon elements were forthcoming, and could be tasted in nearly all the layers. I thoroughly enjoyed their contribution to the overall taste, the mixture of the creamy fillings and spicy notes was very unique. However it must be said that the strength at which they delivered their flavours came at partial detriment to the other layers - most notably the marzipan that struggled for presence in the taste. The sugared almond placed on top provided a nice buttery nuttiness to the aftertaste. Again this wasn't the most fulfilling of truffles, though it delivered some enjoyable and lasting flavours.

Overall another hugely enjoyable truffle, though the flavours of the spices may have needed toning down just a touch to give some of other ingredients a greater say in the taste. Like the Yuletide truffle, it probably could have done with going with an either/or approach in regards to the marzipan and nut creme fillings.

8.0 out of 10

Lindt Christmas Walnut Truffle:
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

The final truffle out of the three I sampled was this 'Walnut truffle', which included a coating of outer milk chocolate and a lighter whipped milk and white chocolate on top. The centre comprised of an amazing three different fillings - vanilla creme, nut creme and a layer of marzipan tucked into the centre ... of course all of which was topped off by a grand looking walnut. As with the other two variants the smell of the truffle was very appealing with some very forthcoming creamy, nutty scents.

It was quite amazing really how
Lindt tried packing so many layers into this one truffle. Despite the sheer quantity, each was still very distinguishable when I cross-sectioned the product. Though distinguishable visually, when actually eating the product the fillings converged into one. The mixture of the nut and vanilla creme was fantastic and tasted absolutely delicious when enjoyed in tandem with the smooth melt of the outer chocolate. Although the marzipan could be detected with its firmer texture, it remained largely flavourless. The walnut piece on top had a very fresh, earthy flavour. This was my favourite tastewise out of the lot, though the flavours didn't last the longest due to the nature of the light flavours and fillings. 

Overall this was another accomplished truffle that is well worthy of its high score. Although not individually distinct, the fillings were collectively great tasting, providing a very moreish creamy, nutty flavour. As I found in the 'Festive' variant, the marzipan element was relatively lifeless, which had me thinking similar thoughts about whether its presence was actually necessary. On the whole though, another stunningly presented, great tasting truffle.

8.4 out of 10
These were some very high quality truffles that I would highly recommend trying this Christmas if you get the chance. Each had amazing detail, and the presentation was of a very high standard. At times the number of fillings did seem a little to 'busy' for their own good, and maybe could have benefitted from having less ingredients, with more of a focus on one filling in particular. However, largely they were all packed full of flavour, and their stunning presentation in my opinion would make these perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.