November 4th: Lindt Excellence White Coconut Chocolate

Kcal 240 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 12.0g Carbs 18.0g (per 40.0g)

Devoted ChocolateMission readers will know that when it comes to white chocolate I am a little bit cautious. It seems to be an art that very few can really pull off, and the quality varies wildly from manufacture to manufacture ... from the horrible Cadbury Dream, the middle of the road Milka white to the outstanding Ritter Sport and Hotel Chocolat offerings. Today, courtesy of Dean-German-Grocery, it was the turn of Lindt to show me what they could do. This was no plain white chocolate bar mind, this one had an extra coconut element to it.

I love the standard of presentation of the Excellence range, every single product from the range has thus far justified the name. None more so than this bar in particular; the cardboard packaging and foil wrapping kept the bar in pristine condition, the bar itself looked great with a fantastic light complexion that was interspersed nicely with white flecks of coconut. The bar also had a great aroma, a very forthcoming dairy, coconut mix quickly emanated from the wrapper further adding to the already superb presentation.

I must admit to not being the biggest fan ever of coconut, though the coconut flavours in this bar were nothing short of brilliant. The coconut added a delicious milky nutty context to the overall taste. The white chocolate was amazingly clean and smooth with no reliance whatsoever on sugar to give flavour, it was simply just wonderfully creamy and moreish. Despite the fantastic synergy of coconut and white chocolate culminating in a fantastic overall taste, there were a few factors that were not quite so great. Firstly the taste didn't last that long in the mouth, once the chocolate had melted the flavours disappeared relatively fast - this wouldn't be quite so much of a problem if the nutritional information didn't point out the fact this was a high fat/calorie laden bar. I'm guessing the bar was so high in fat due to it being rich in cocoa butter. This was obvious by the melt of the chocolate, it was silky smooth, though this was spoilt somewhat by the roughness of the coconut pieces. Although this was obviously to be expected, it didn't help the fact that it offset the texture by making it slightly grainy.

Overall I have gone on about the two minor negatives way too much, so it is worth reiterating how fantastic this bar was presented and tasted. It looked stunning and it's taste didn't let it down. It was fantastically creamy and nutty, definitely among the best white chocolate I have ever tasted, not the richest no - but outstanding in it's flavours nonetheless. Whether you enjoy this bar or not will largely be reliant on your enjoyment of coconut ... a bit like the Ferrero Raffaello. If you enjoy coconut and love your white chocolate this is a 'must try bar' ... for the rest of you I also highly recommend it.

8.7 out of 10