November 4th: Nestle Princessa Mleczna

Kcal 199 Fat 11.6g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 21.4g

My local Tesco supermarket has recently had a massive influx of Polish foods and goods. Included in the new ranges are quite a wide array of Polish chocolate bars, a few of which I picked up to sample. The packaging was unsurprisingly all in Poilsh, so actually determining what this bar included was a bit of a struggle. After doing some research via wiki I ascertained that this Nestle Princessa Mleczna included 'milk chocolate, with a milk cream filled wafer'. 

In actual physical size, the bar looked incredibly large. Picking it up though, it was that obvious the wafer was the main constituent - it was incredibly light, an unsurprisingly not very fulfilling. The wrapper itself looked pretty good, it had a nice foil glossy look, and the picture on the front actually made the product look pretty appetising. Unlike the wrapper though, the bar looked a bit plain and dull. It was just one long wafer, covered in what looked a pretty minimal layer of milk chocolate. The product didn't offer much in the way of a meaningful aroma, a small sweet smell was detectable, but was far from being anything of note. 

The milk chocolate looked worryingly thin in its appearance, and this sadly translated into the taste. The chocolate offered very little in the manner of a cocoa taste, and its thinness meant it was all but lost in the sweetness of the wafer. The wafer itself was also extremely poor, the milk cream centre added a minor milky context to the taste, however its presence was far more noticeable for giving the wafer an abysmal limp texture. Not only did this make the product completely unfulfilling, but it meant that none of the flavours left a meaningful impression in the mouth.

Overall this was a really quite a poor product, and not the best of starts for this Polish range. The milk chocolate was woefully inadequate and the moistness of cream filling meant that the wafer was on the whole limp and lifeless. This sort of reminded me of a rubbish version of the Nestle Crunch Crisp, it is funny how Nestle don't extend their best practices for products across their company. I understand the company is run regionally, but the sheer variance in quality is huge, and pretty inexcusable when the company already has the knowledge internally on how this product could have been made much better. I would recommend you stay clear of this one.

5.2 out of 10