November 5th: Dove Desserts Bananas Foster

Kcal 200 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 5 pieces)

Having reviewed the standard Dove bars last week and deciding they were not quite the same standard of our UK Galaxy bars, I today turned my attention to one of the unique offerings from the Dove range. These Dove Desserts Bananas Foster came described as 'a delicious blend of caramel, infused with Bananas Foster Dessert, surrounded by Dove milk chocolate'. I personally had never heard of 'Bananas Foster Dessert' - for those in a similar position I can tell you (via Wiki of course) that it is a desert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream, with the sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur ... that's a lot of flavours - how on earth they could all fit in such a small chocolate?

**I SHOP 4 YOU II** sent me a box of 165g (about 20 pieces!), which I consumed over the course of a night in with a few friends (I know sharing ... whatever next!!). The outer box had a contemporary curved shape and looked reasonably premium. Each chocolate had a nice gold foil wrapper and big inscribed Dove logo ... these were hardly Lindt standard in their presentation, but they were better than your average chocolate. The foil wrappers did wonders for the appearance, though did not do the best of jobs at maintaining a nice fresh smell. The smell of the chocolates was not at all bad, just lacking somewhat with only a minor sweet scent on offer.

The size of the chocolates meant they were almost perfect for just placing on the tongue whole and letting them melt. The texture and taste of the outer chocolate was as with the standard Dove milk chocolate bar, smooth and creamy but just a little thinner in both it's melt and flavours than the UK Galaxy. This product was all about it's flavoured caramel centre, which was pleasant though hardly groundbreaking. It had an enjoyable chewy, caramel dexterity that lasted just long enough in the mouth to establish a firm flavour base against the chocolate. The centre had a pleasant initial sweet buttery taste that was heavily noted with Banana. As the chocolates matured in their melt the flavours converged somewhat with the banana flavour losing significance - this was disappointing as the flavours were actually quite good. The chocolates didn't leave a long lasting impression in the mouth; understandably we made our way through this box rather sharpish.

Overall these were particularly hard to score as they were a product that had both brilliant and disappointing factors. The milk chocolate was steady and provided a nice coating with it's balanced creamy flavour. The taste of the Bananas Foster centre was to coin a phrase 'a game of two halves' ... the initial sweet, buttery banana flavours were superb, however all to soon lost relevance and strength in the overall taste ... meaning that these were very disappointing in their taste longevity. There are very few banana themed chocolates out there on the market so in regards to banana fans these could be a fairly enjoyable product. For the rest of you though, these are by no means 'a must try' - another fairly average offering from the Dove range.

7.6 out of 10

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