November 5th: Milka Christmas Chocolate

Kcal 515 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g)

Milka aren't a brand that miss out on the Christmas bandwagon. All the way from Germany, Dean-German-Grocery sent me this 'Christmas Chocolate', a bar that included 'alpine milk chocolate, raisins, hazelnuts, orange pieces and hints of coriander and cinnamon'. It is lucky I am digging the whole cinnamon and coriander thing, a lot of the German Christmas themed products seem to include these spices (see Lindt Lindor Noel etc!), especially compared to the bars we get here in the UK.

Breaking Milka normality this 'Christmas Chocolate' came in a 150.0g size. It was contained within the same glossy plastic type packaging, and had an image on the front that pictured all the ingredients in a nice festive context. Aesthetically the bar looked very similar to that of the Milka Raisin and Nut bar, with nut pieces and raisins dispersed evenly and generously throughout. The bar had a very distinct smell, with the spices very evident amongst some citrusy, creamy smells - this is going to sound wired ... but it did indeed smell like Christmas :)

The milk chocolate base provided many of the silky smooth dairy flavours I have come so accustom to with the alpine milk recipe. As the smell of the bar suggested, the taste was influenced noticeably by the cinnamon and coriander spices. The intensity of the spices was just about right, they weren't overly strong or dominant, but still left a lasting meaningful impression. The hazelnut and raisin elements were both as effectively implemented here as in the Milka Raisin and Nut bar. They didn't have quite the same meaningful impact on the taste, though the sweet fruity flavours of the raisins, and woody, buttery flavours of the hazelnuts were still both very evident. The real surprise factor of this bar came from the small orange pieces, which really exerted themselves with short sharp citrus bursts. They gave the bar an amazingly sweet, fruity taste which had a real distinctness. It was a bit sweet to eat in large quantities, but it was highly enjoyable eating a few pieces at a time.

Overall this is far from just being a gimmick offering from Milka, and is actually a very unique tasting chocolate. The taste of the bar is extended that bit further from the Milka Raisin and Nut due to the inclusion of the spices and the orange pieces. However, it must be said this did cause the overall taste to lose a bit of balance, with the extra sugary ingredients making the bar a bit on the sweet side; this was my only slight criticism. When enjoyed in the right manner - a few squares at a time, it was a highly enjoyable chocolate and is a bar that I very much recommend. This is what Christmas is all about.

8.6 out of 10