November 6th: Milka Amavel Mousse au Chocolat

Kcal 560 Fat 36.5g Carbs 51.5 (per 100.0g)

Before Dean-German-Grocery sent this to me I wasn't actually aware that Milka had more lines than just their standard bars. This 'Amavel' range comprises of big Milka Alpine Milk pockets that are filled with various fillings. Dean-German-Grocery have been kind enough to send me across four different flavours, all of which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. Today I tried the 'Mousse au Chocolat' flavour.

Due to the bar comprising of deeply filled pockets, the design of the bar was distinctly different to the standard Milka range. The bar was about four times the thickness, and was split into ten seperable pods. The pods were a little on the big side for my liking, it might have made more sense to have 12 instead of the 10 ... but that would be being very pedantic. The outer packaging gave the product a very premium look. The hard cardboard box was well designed with a fantastic looking picture and stylish gold font. The bar was wrapped in a layer of silver foil, releasing the bar from this foil revealed the all too familiar sweet dairy scents of the Alpine Milk choolate.

Despite its 160.0g size I ate the bar in only two sittings - five pods at a time. This provided a very satisfying serving, though to be honest you would come to expect that eating 80.0g worth of chocolate - oh blobby blobby!! As I have mentioned above the pods were slightly arkward in their size, however this didn't effect my enjoyment of the product to a massive extent. The distinction between the Alpine Milk coating and Mousse filling was all too obvious, there were distinctive texture and flavour differences. The Alpine Milk was far thicker and dense in comparion to the lighter, whipped filling of the mousse. The milkier flavours of the Alpine Milk were a perfect build up for the more intense and concentrated cocoa taste of the mousse. The two elements really worked perfectly in tandem, delivering a long lasting smooth taste that grew stronger as the melt progressed and the mousse filling revealed.

Overall this was a great first showing from the Milka Amavel range. I live by the motto 'save the best till last', so I reserved the more extravagant and exciting flavours from the range to review in the coming weeks. I guess I thought this bar might be a bit of a gimmick, with no distinction in the flavours of the two different elements of the coating and the filling ... to be honest I couldn't have been more wrong. The combination of the milkier outside Alpine Milk and the fluffier but more cocoa intensive mousse worked fantastically, producing a really moreish taste. If your a Milka fan this is a bar I strongly recommend, it is up there with the best of them. I honestly can't waite to try the rest of the range.

8.7 out of 10