November 7th: Dove Caramel

Kcal 200 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 5 pieces)

Despite coming to the consensus that Dove chocolate wasn't quite on par with of our UK Galaxy, I was pretty curious to what sort of standard this Dove Caramel would deliver. The UK equivalent - Galaxy Caramel is currently placed at number two in the Chocolate Mission ranks, thanks to **I SHOP 4 YOU II** I today got the chance to do the comparison.

I sampled the Dove Caramel in the form of five separate tablet pieces, which equated to a pretty satisfying 43.0g. These Dove caramel pieces were presented in the same fashion as the Dove Desserts Banana Foster I sampled a week or so ago, and came as individual chocolates. The foil wrappers were a nice gold colour and kept a relative freshness to the product. The chocolates pieces looked rather good as well, each had the Dove logo inscribed into the surface and the caramel had a particularly enticing glistening appeal. As aforementioned the chocolates were kept very fresh, and this showed with the pleasant sweet, cocoa smells released once out of their foil wrappers.

In line with what I have generally found with Dove chocolate, in comparison to Galaxy, the taste wasn't quite as creamy. The melt was still delightfully smooth, though as I have referred to before it lacked the richness and creamy thickness of its UK equivalent. Despite the chocolate being not quite being on the same level, the caramel was largely of the same quality. It had a wonderful taste that had a strong buttery flavour, very enjoyable indeed. Its texture was also luxuriously soft, with even a slight chewiness making the flavour last that little bit longer. The aftertaste was noticeably influenced by the slight burnt sugar flavour of the caramel, and left a lasting impression.

Overall due to the milk chocolate not being of the same quality, this Dove Caramel wasn't quite the same standard as the UK Galaxy Caramel bar. However this was still a very enjoyable product, and is definitely the best offering I have tasted from the Dove range. These reminded me of the Dove Caramel Waves I reviewed a while back, another Mars product that wasn't quite of the same standard of the UK Galaxy, but still very good. In a market that is littered with chocolate and caramel alternatives, this I would say is one of the better ones.

8.4 out of 10