November 7th: Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses

Kcal 209 Fat 11.5g Carbs 23.9g

Galaxy's seasonal offering, the 'Mistletoe Kisses' have hit the shelves once again - I say that like they were gone for long :) If you look hard enough these are available almost all year round ... I even remember seeing a pack in a newsagents in July - they must have been old huh!? These 'Mistletoe Kisses' were described on pack as 'three Galaxy chocolate pieces with an indulgent mousse & caramel centre' ... to me they sounded pretty promising. 

What the design lacked in practicality, it made up for in individualism. Indeed these were a right pain in the backside to eat ... completely down right awkward if you ask me. However, I don't quite know what it was but the pieces had a nice distinctive look that appealed to me. The chocolate had a nice gleaming surface, and the inner mousse and caramel fillings looked plentiful and very appetising. The outer packaging wasn't half bad either, it had a nice matted, sparkly finish and foil innards that did well locking in the pleasant sweet chocolaty scents.

I ate each of the pieces in two bites, which allowed me to taste both the mousse and caramel fillings in isolation as well as in tandem. The outer chocolate that covered the pieces was the standard Galaxy milk chocolate, and it was of course both fantastically silky smooth in its melt and devilishly creamy. The mousse filling was quite light in terms of its viscosity. Although this was a nice variation to the outer chocolate in terms of texture, it varied very little in-terms of its taste ... it was very hard to determine what it did in actual fact add in this department. The Galaxy Caramel bar has held down the number two spot on ChocolateMission for a long time now, and this reminded me exactly why. The caramel was exquisite - amazingly chewy and soft, with a 'to-die-for' sweet buttery taste with the tiniest hint of salt ... absolutely fabulous. The three pieces were gone all too fast for my liking. Despite leaving a sweet, chocolaty flavour in the mouth, I think a pack of four pieces would have been far more sufficient. 

Overall there is no doubting these are a damn tasty seasonal treat, though they are not quite without their fault. The Galaxy milk chocolate coating and caramel elements were simply superb, an absolute treat for the taste buds. Personally though I thought that the mousse element was somewhat of a let down. The texture variation was welcome, but Mars could have made the taste a little more unique ... maybe the use of a dark chocolate or vanilla flavoured mousse would have worked a bit better!? Also if Mars are going to make products this tasty why only include the three pieces? It meant that it wasn't the most satisfying of bars, and I was really left wanting more. Putting the small gripes to aside, this was still a very enjoyable product, and one that I would recommend you get stuck into at least once this Christmas. 

8.4 out of 10