November 8th: Ritter Sport Schokowurfel

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I am a huge fan of the Ritter Sport brand, so when sent this Ritter Sport collection box by Dean-German-Gorcery I was pretty damn excited to see what pleasures lay within. The box came with five 8g portions of six different flavour variants, all of which came in cubes about 1.5 times the size of a block from a 100.0g bar. The flavours were well varied and provided a nice assortment of flavours: Crocant, Caramel Crisp, Creme Coco, Edelnugat and two new flavours .. Mandel Split & Cappuccino.

The presentation of the selection was fantastic. The box itself was well presented (though I managed to dent the corner DOH!!) and had a premium looking design. Each of cube pieces came in colour coded, thick wrappers that kept each looking impeccable as well as fresh.

Below are my tasting notes for each variant:

Mandel Split - Green wrapper - milky smell with a mild nutty edge. Dairy flavours of the outer chocolate further accentuated by the creaminess of the milk creme centre. The almond pieces contained in the milk creme provided a nice contrastive crunchy element to the texture and also gave a nice nutty finish to the taste. Very Good.

Creme Coco - White wrapper - very sweet coconut scent very evident. Very nice contrast of textures between the smooth melting chocolate and inner roughness of the coconut. Highly reminiscent of Bounty, I want to try the larger version now. Good.

Crocant - Red wrapper - milky smell with a hazelnut hint. Nice use of smooth and crunchy textures with milk chocolate and small nut pieces. The nuts pieces were a little small and failed to establish a large impact on the taste, though the milk chocolate was still enjoyable. Standard.

Caramel Crisp - Orange wrapper - not much of an aroma aside from the standard sweetness from the chocolate. Absolutely superbly flavoured - very unique caramel that had an extremely buttery, honey like taste. Fantastic texture that seemed a cross between hard honeycomb and soft creme. Ritter please launch this in a bigger bar NOW!!! Excellent.

Cappuccino - Brown wrapper - usual sweet dairy scents with just an added touch of coffee. The centre was wonderfully flavoured, with a very forthcoming, but friendly coffee element combining nicely with the milk chocolate to deliver more of a mocha type taste. The lightness of the centre meant the flavours didn't last all that long, though was still highly enjoyable. Very Good.

Edelnugat - Blue Wrapper - milky smell with a hint of hazelnut. The textures were very smooth but the milk flavours of the Alpine Milk chocolate were distorted by a slightly tangy, soured flavoured hazelnut centre - not completely to my taste. Standard.

Overall it is quite rare coming across a selection box where there are no real stinkers. There were definitely flavours are favoured over others (Caramel Crisp!!!), but really each of them were of a pretty good quality and nicely diversed. If you are yet to venture in to the Ritter Sport brand this could be a great place for you to start. Not all of the flavours are available in the bigger sized 100.0g bars, but these certainly will go along way to setting your expectations of the brand. A great selection box, and one that is worthy of gracing anyones household this Christmas, whether it be to gift or to just share with the family.

8.4 out of 10