November 8th: Whoppers Reese's Peanut Butter

Kcal 190 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 25.0g (per 39.0g - 17 pieces)

It is very rarely you don't see a Hershey's product nowadays without their being a Reese's spin off ... not that I am complaining Reese's products are by and large really rather good. Saying that, given the quality of the 'Original Whoppers' I did fear for these. I was praying that this variant wouldn't be quite so dire when offered the chance to try them by **I SHOP 4 YOU II**. The product followed much the same premise as the originals, just with a peanut butter flavoured layer replacing the milk chocolate.

These came in a slightly smaller 113.0g box than the 'Original Whoppers', which I ate over the course of two pretty unfulfilling sittings. The outer packaging incorporated the orange Reese's theme well, however the Whoppers themselves were still loose within the box which again I thought was rather clumsy. Again, much like their original counterparts the Reese's Whoppers lacked a definitive smell, offering nothing more than the faintest of sweet scents. Reese's products normally have such a defining nutty smell, the complete lack of aroma was not only disappointing but more surprising.

The textures of the product were very similar to the 'Original Whoppers', though thankfully the peanut butter outer layer made for a marginally improved taste. The outer coating had the same horrible texture, which again failed to deliver flavour until the melt was quite progressed. As I referred to in the previous review it was almost like the coating had a horrible second skin, that needed to be worn away before the flavour was delivered. When the peanut butter did release its flavours, it had a relatively pleasant creamy taste that was far superior to the milk chocolate of the originals. The peanut aspect delivered a longer lasting set of flavours, though as I have referred to already the product was largely unfulfilling. The malt centres had exactly the same taste as the originals, and reminded me of a bit of a cross between Maltesers and the centre of the Nestle Violet Crumble. They tasted fair, but lacked the melt in the mouth texture quality of Maltesers.

Overall although the peanut butter coating was superior to that of the milk chocolate in the original variant, these were still a pretty poor product. The textures again just all felt so wrong ... the coating had a lazy melt and the centres were really lacking in quality in comparison to Maltesers. The peanut butter flavouring did have some appeal, and provided a longer lasting, superior nutty set of flavours relative to the original milk chocolate. I wouldn't massively recommend these unless your a real fan of Reese's products ... even then I would just suggest you go for something else from the Reese's range.

6.0 out of 10

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