November 9th: Lindt Kristallzauber

Kcal 586 Fat 42.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

What a lovely name eh? Lindt Kristallzauber .... translated into English ... Lindt Crystal Magic!! These mini chocolates formed yet another part of the Lindt Chrismas range that Dean-German-Grocery recently sent me to sample. The front of pack described them as 'Caramel infused in tender alpine milk chocolate' and 'as delicate as a snowflake' ... how very cute ;)

These came in an 80g bag that I will admit I ate all in one greedy serving - woops :) The outer-packaging took the form of a foil paper bag, which had highly decorative snowflake patterns and golden coloured writing. Indeed it looked fabulous to look at, but as you can see above was a right pain to photograph. Each of the mini chocolates came in wonderful little foil packages, and had delightful patterns imprinted into their surfaces. Each of the chocolates had a nice sweet dairy aroma, though due to their size it wasn't as if I hung around smelling them for any great deal of time.

As well as looking like miniature Lindors, these shared many of the same characteristics in their taste and textures. The outer alpine milk chocolate had quite a mild milky flavour that was largely dominated by the inner smoother centre that was far more strongly flavoured. The filling had an extremely silky feel in the mouth, and released a truly wonderful buttery, caramel taste. The lasting taste in the mouth was an enjoyable vanilla note, though much like Lindor truffles, the speed of the melt meant the flavours were gone all too quickly - hence why I found myself tucking away 80.0g in no time whatsoever.

Overall these are yet another great tasting product from Lindt, though the size of the pieces make for a tad of an underwhelming experience. As I have described above the actual taste was fantastic - with milky, caramel flavours aplenty ... it was just the fact that they didn't last long at all which was disappointing. In a way these chocolates seemed more of a tease, rather than a product that delivered 100%. Still, as a gift I am sure these would go down a storm - they look good and taste good ... both characteristics of which I'm sure are pretty high in peoples criteria for chocolate gifts this Christmas.

8.0 out 10