November 9th: Milka Alpine Milk Cream

Kcal 575 Fat 38.5g Carbs 52.5g (per 100.0g)

Those of you may recall I reviewed the Milka Chocolate Cream bar a few months ago. Despite it not being my favourite variant of Milka, I was looking forward to trying this bar, which was again sent to me by those wonderful people at Dean-German-Grocery. This variant combined the standard 'Alpine Milk chocolate with a smooth milk cream filling'.

The bar came in the standard 100.0g, which provided two very sufficient 50.0g servings. The product came in the standard Milka packaging, though the bar itself varied slightly in its appearance to the norm with cow patterns replacing the standard Milka logos. That extra bit of detail, coupled with the distinctness of the layering, made it really stand out as a very well presented bar. The chocolate emanated a very strong dairy smell that was very evident and forthcoming as soon as I opened the wrapping ... very nice indeed.

When I reviewed the Chocolate Cream, I remember the chocolate cream filling being at detriment to the Alpine Milk chocolate ... the milk cream filling in this bar did quite the opposite. The Alpine Milk was implemented with just about the right thickness. It was amazingly smooth in its melt, yet thick enough to establish a firm flavour base before the milk cream filling joined the party. How can I describe the milk cream filling without using the word creamy!??? Hmmm well I cant because that is exactly how it tasted - it was like double cream but in a more solid fashion - almost like an exceedingly milky white chocolate ... just without all the sugar. As with the outer chocolate, it had a substantial constituents that was just ever so slightly softer in its texture. I feared before tasting this bar that the filling might lack flavour, but in reality it was stunningly executed with both a strong and lasting taste.

Overall this bar is up there with the Milka Caramel in terms of being my favourite Milka offering. It combined the already fantastic Alpine Milk chocolate with a simply dreamy milk cream filling that culminated in one fantastically creamy experience. As I said above the cream filling was more like a fantastically flavoured white chocolate, not only adding that extra dimension of dairy flavours but also accentuating the cocoa flavours of the Alpine Milk even more. A simple must-try for Milka fans, a really highly recommended bar.

8.7 out of 10