December 10th: Ferrero Mon Cheri

Kcal 404 Fat 19.0g Carbs 55.2g (per 100.0g)

It seems I have found yet another product with some branding issues, similar to the Mars /Milky Way fiasco we have from the UK to US. Having looked over at Cybele's review of Ferrero Mon Cheri at Candyblog - it appears that the American version of Mon Cheri is actually rather like the Ferrero Kusschen - a truffle like product containing hazelnuts. The European version of the Ferrero Mon Cheri I reviewed today, sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery was formed of a cherry surrounded by a 'special liqueur, coated in plain chocolate'.

The pack I sampled contained ten chocolates (105.0g), five of which I was happy to give away to let my housemates sample. I liked the presentation of the product - the box featured some very nice graphics and fonts, and was printed onto a very high quality glossy material. The chocolates looked almost identical to the Ferrero Kusschen, they had beautifully presented two layered wrappers and were a nice shape to fit in the mouth. The pieces didn't offer much in the way of an aroma, there were slight indications of cocoa in and amongst a predominantly sweet smell, but it was not all that apparent.

I am guessing you have already had a peek at the score for this product, so I will reveal to you now there were two fundamental things wrong with the Mon Cheri. The first was the liqueur - it brought back eerie memories of the Lindt Christmas Punch ... to be honest I don't know what type of liqueur they were aiming for here... brandy? cherry schnapps? By my account it didn't taste like either ... frankly it just tasted cheap and horrible. Obviously the main focus of the product was the inclusion of the cherry piece and to be honest I didn't enjoy that much either. Its taste was dominated by the benign liqueur, and its texture had a horrible mushy feel - none to pleasant. My lack of enjoyment of the main theme of the product was a bit of a shame given the quality of the plain chocolate - it had a relatively appealing unsweetened milky taste with an enjoyable smooth melt. By the time I had got round to my third piece I actually found myself dispensing of both the inner liqueur and cherry and just eating the outer chocolate - a pretty crazy thing to do given the main focus of the product, but hey I am not going to lie.

Overall these have to go down as one of the poorer Ferrero products I have tried. My enjoyment of this product was solely limited to the outer chocolate, the cherry piece and liqueur were as you have probably gathered really not to my taste. I am sure there will be a number of you who are in complete disagreement with me on this one, but I have to tell it how I perceive it. I mentioned above I let my housemates finish off the pack and they actually quite enjoyed them, so there is proof there is definitely some enjoyment to be had from these ... sadly just not for me.

6.2 out of 10