December 10th: Montezuma's Connie

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

It has been a long while since I last reviewed a Montezuma's product. It is not that I have actively been avoiding the brand, but at the same time previous products haven't really inspired me to seek more. Anyway, today I decided to give them another go, and sampled the oddly named 'Connie' bar. This bar was formed of a solid base of milk chocolate that was littered with nibbled hazelnuts.

I still find the presentation of Montezuma's products very puzzling - on one hand the outer packaging is superb. The cardboard boxes are nicely designed and coloured, and even contain a good amount of information about the sourcing of the organic ingredients. When it comes to the aesthetics of the bar itself though, the product was really lacking. The chocolate simply looked plain, with no personality whatsoever. I was also disappointed to see the size of the hazelnut pieces - they looked tiny amongst the chocolate. The bar didn't offer too much in the way of a forthcoming aroma. I could detect a slight milky, chocolaty scent, though it wasn't that strong at all. 

I have had a few milk chocolate Montezuma's bars now, and most the time I seem to come to the same conclusion. The taste of the milk chocolate is good, but lacking a real defining edge to make it really stand out from the many outstanding chocolates on the market. Despite the 34% cocoa solids, the taste was predominantly milky based, it is pleasant but at the same time quite forgettable ... there aren't really elements to the taste that really impose themselves on the consumer. The melt of the chocolate was pretty good - nicely paced and relatively thick, BUT ... and this is a big BUT!! The chopped hazelnuts completely ruined its smoothness with their sharp edges - to the point it actually felt like it was scratching the top of my mouth! Not only were the hazelnut pieces detrimental to the texture but they also added pretty much nothing to the taste. At times a slight nuttiness could be detected,though these instances were to few and far between. 

Overall I hate really laying into a local brand, but as far as chocolate and nut combinations this was pretty poor. The milk chocolate was ok, but nothing more than average - the real disappointment though was the hazelnuts. Once again this was further evidence that hazelnuts are so much better when implemented whole. Their chopped nature in this bar not only meant they added very little to the taste, but also caused the bar to have a horribly rough, grainy texture. This isn't a bar I would recommend, your far better off with the Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnuts bars. 

6.6 out of 10