December 11th: Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Milk

Kcal 570 Fat 39.0g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

I was pretty excited when I saw this bar in the latest package Dean-German-Grocery sent me. I hadn't seen this line of Lindt before, but I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a few from the Lindt Mousses range. Much as I did with the near identical Milka Amavel range, I thought I would start off with the most obvious milk chocolate mousse flavour. The bar on pack came described as 'milk chocolate, filled with milk chocolate mousse (36%)'.

As I expected the product came beautifully presented. It came in a 140g bar that provided me with three pretty fulfilling servings. As with other similar mousse filled offerings, the bar was a lot thicker in order to accommodate the deep filled blocks. The outer cardboard packaging looked classy, combining a stylish gold font and very enticing picture. The bar also looked fantastic, the blocks still had the same amount of detail as the flat bars, with the Lindt logo still present on each. The smell of the bar was quite intriguing, it had a chocolaty, coffee type scent. Don't get me wrong it smelt very appetising - it was just a little odd it smelt like a mocha when it had no coffee content listed in the ingredients. 

In my opinion,  for mousse filled bars to 'work', there has to be a flavour distinction between the outer coating chocolate and the mousse filling. Luckily this was something this bar did very well. The packaging didn't care to mention the cocoa content of either the solid chocolate or the filling, though it did mention the hydrogenated vegetable fats. Normally I would turn my nose up at this, though in this instance I can see why they were implemented - in order to achieve the fantastic smooth textures. Both layers of the bar complimented each other superbly. The solid chocolate had a luxuriously creamy milky taste that was heavily noted with a delicious hazelnut intensity. The melt of the outer chocolate was fantastically soft, and slowly revealed the lighter centers. The aerated, smooth mousse fillings perfectly added an extra surge of stronger cocoa flavours that really left a lasting impression in the mouth. Despite the light nature of the fillings, each block delivered a fantastically rich experience.

Overall the flavour progression of this bar was simply fantastic, and really implemented the mousse filling format well. This bar reminded me a lot of the Milka Amavel Mousse au Chocolat - the distinction between the outer chocolates and mouse fillings were largely the same; with the more cocoa intensive mousse nicely complimenting the creamier solid chocolate coating. As ever with Lindt this was a product of all round quality - crafted superbly in both presentation and actual chocolate - highly recommended.

8.8 out of 10