December 12th: Conscious Chocolate Fruit Fantasy

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

After my review of the Conscious Chocolate Choca Mocha Magic last week a lot of readers got in touch asking where they could get hold of some Conscious bars. If you take a look at the Conscious website they have a list of stockists, as well as an online ordering service - all of which are HERE. Today I tried another bar from their 'sugar free, pesticide free, gluten free, raw & handmade' chocolate range - the 'Fruit Fantasy'. This bar contained some wired an wonderful fruits in the form of figs, dates and sultanas.

I don't think I need to reiterate my dislike for the Conscious packaging again. Since my review of the Choca Mocha Magic, Emma from Conscious has been in contact and has informed me they are currently the reviewing the wrapper situation. One thing that was notable about the appearance with this bar were the evident fruit pieces embedded in the chocolate. Although not very detectable in the photo above, they were very noticeable first-hand. One thing that I have noticed with the Conscious range so far is the strength of the cocoa aromas that the bars have. This bar wasn't quite as striking with its smell as the Choca Mocha Magic, though the cocoa scents were still forthcoming and enticing.

It wasn't just the smell of the chocolate that was enjoyable, but no surprises the taste was rather good as well. The cocoa flavours were strong, but were never what I would describe as bitter. The unsweetened taste of the cocoa was nicely complimented by the sweet flavours of the fruit. Out of the three different fruits the figs were the most prominent and added a pleasant acidic edge to the taste. The dates and sultanas weren't immediately as distinguishable, as the pieces were so small and broken up within the chocolate. As with the Choca Mocha, the texture of the chocolate was very soft and melted nicely in the mouth. I wasn't all that keen on the squished nature of the fruit, I would have preferred larger pieces as their smaller implementation made some blocks feel a tad 'bitty' in their melt. Despite this I still found this a very satisfying bar, the 40.0g certainly made for a sufficient snack.

Overall, although this probably wasn't my favourite chocolate and fruit combination ever, it was still a very unique and enjoyable mix. Unique is a word I keep seeming to use when describing Conscious Chocolate, and there is no doubting their eccentricity. As well as being unique they actually seem to deliver some really fine chocolate - and this bar was another example of this. I would have preferred the fruit pieces implemented in a larger fashion, though they didn't fail on delivering some pleasant flavours to the wonderful chocolate. If you like your chocolate with an added twist of fruit, this is a bar I would recommend.

7.6 out of 10