December 13th: Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets

Kcal 470 Fat 18.8g Carbs 71.5g (per 100.0g) 

I am a big fan of the Cadbury Crunchie so I was happy to pick up a bag of these Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets for only 50p in my local Woolworths - bargain eh!?. Described as 'milk chocolates with honeycomb centres', I have my own theory to how these are made. Personally I don't think these are finely crafted Crunchie pieces, but I reckon they are offcuts from the honeycomb used in the original bar, just dipped in milk chocolate ... I don't think I'm wrong!

The product came in 200g bag that contained a huge amount of nugget pieces. I liked the look of the packaging, the foil material not only gave it a nice contemporary look, but also kept the pieces relatively fresh looking. I can't say I was all too impressed with the look of the nuggets themselves. They varied in size hugely, and the pack contained several minuscule pieces that were just a pain to eat. The presentation wasn't all that bad, what the product lacked in looks it made up for in its aroma. The foil packaging meant the product maintained a pretty alluring chocolaty, sweet smell. 

As I mentioned above the pieces were wide ranging in their size, this meant they were not only awkward to eat, but also variable in their taste. Some pieces were so small they contained no honeycomb at all, and were just small pieces of chocolate that weren't big enough to create a meaningful impression in regards to taste. The pieces that did contain honeycomb were pretty fair. Due to size of the nuggets they didn't have the same slightly moistened honeycomb texture like in the original bar, it was just more of a standard crunch. The taste of the honeycomb was also more straightforward than the bar. The burnt sugar type flavours were still present, though the nuggets lacked the full on honey flavours of the original Crunchie. I ate the whole bag over two sittings, despite a sickly sweetness eventually catching up with me the product felt largely unfulfilling. 

Overall these weren't necessarily a bad product, though give me a choice between a bag of these nuggets or a normal Crunchie and the decision would be pretty straight forward. Personally I just didn't like the format, the varying sized pieces just seemed downright awkward. I think there is a potential for a smaller version of the Crunchie ... 'Crunchie Cubes' or something; but by and large I found these tiny pieces inferior to the bar itself. A novel way to use offcuts, but personally I would suggest you just stick with you usual Crunchie.

7.3 out of 10