December 13th: Ferrero Espresso Pocket Coffee

Kcal 404 Fat 18.4g Carbs 55.5g (per 100.0g)

Long time readers will know my fetish for chocolate and coffee combinations. I have come across many delightful products so far - Twix Java and the Lindt Coffee Lindor Truffles both amongst my favourites. As well as being a fan of chocolate coffee combinations, I am also a huge admirer of a lot of Ferrero products ... marry the two and you get these Ferrero Espresso Pocket Coffee chocolates. These chocolates were formed of an outer coating of dark chocolate, filled with an espresso flavoured liquid centre - not all that dissimilar from Trader Joe's Espresso Chocolates. This again was a product so kindly provided to me by Dean-German-Grocery.

I received these chocolates in a packet of 18 (225.0g). It took me a while to get through the lot, I ate them sporadically over the last few weeks, mostly everytime I had a coffee (most morning/evenings!). The presentation was pretty good - the outer packaging looked very Nescafe Esq! I am not a fan of entirely ripping off other brands designs, but it gave the product a degree relevance. The chocolates themselves were nicely presented, each had a double layered wrapper - one nicely designed plastic layer and another foil layer to ensure freshness. As soon as the chocolates were removed from their foil wrappers a very forthcoming coffee scent further fuelled my anticipation ... they smelt absolutely fantastic.

The pieces were wonderfully sized, and fitted in the mouth beautifully. As I have mentioned I enjoyed eating these alongside a nice freshly brewed black coffee - it was a wonderful mix. The dark chocolate was not the highest quality chocolate ever, but it still provided an enjoyable initial cocoa base flavour. The cocoa flavours were quite strong and smokey tasting, and grew in intensity as the melt progressed. The dark chocolate was filled with an espresso filling that was everything I was expecting it to be. It was very thin and runny, and offered a hugely intense coffee hit. The flavours were sharp, earthy and on the whole extremely rich ... immensely enjoyably. The only aspect of the product I didn't enjoy was the thin layer of crystallised sugar between the chocolate and liquid centre. It didn't spoil the product whatsoever, though it slightly distorted the smoothness of the chocolate and liquid centre.

Overall these were hugely enjoyable chocolates, largely due to the fact that they didn't hold back on the strength of the coffee flavour. The dark chocolate was of a good enough standard, and provided a reasonably tasty base set of flavours. The real shining star of the product though was of course the filling. The product came billed as espresso strength and they simply didn't fail in delivery. This is one I would very much recommend to like minded chocolate coffee addicts - there are very few better ways to get your fix.

8.7 out of 10