December 14th: Green & Black's Dark & Gingerbread

Kcal 503 Fat 30.7g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g) 

I have been trying all sorts of Christmas themed products for the last two months - but this one particularly caught my eye when I was shopping the confectionery shelf during my latest visit to Waitrose. Todays review is the first of two Green & Black's festive themed bars, and  incorporated 'dark chocolate with spiced gingerbread pieces'. What with this being a Christmas bar the spiced element was delivered through the addition of ground cinnamon and ginger.

This product came in a large sized 150.0g bar that served me well for four portions. I liked the Christmas focus of the packaging - it was not over elaborated, but just had the simple inclusion of the Christmas Tree emblem which was a subtle yet welcome addition. The chocolate itself had a pretty unique look, the gingerbread pieces were ever present throughout the chocolate and added a real distinctness. The spices had a real impact on the aroma - the cinnamon and ginger elements were very prevalent amongst the cocoa smells - it was strong smelling and enticing.

The dark chocolate was formed of a 60% recipe - of course with the array of added ingredients, the chocolate was more of a 'flavour carrier' rather than the main focus. Despite this, the dark chocolate still substantiated a reasonably forthcoming set of unsweetened cocoa flavours. As I commented above the gingerbread pieces were very well portioned, and were present in almost every single piece of the bar. The pieces had a sharp ginger biscuit taste that was rounded nicely with a touch of brown sugar. I thought the crunchy texture of the gingerbread also added further interest, contrasting well with the smooth melting chocolate. Despite the only fleeting mentioning of the ginger and cinnamon spices in the ingredients they were by far and away the dominating aspect of the overall taste. They certainly made for a strongly flavoured and ultimately rich chocolate, though for my liking they were almost verging on being overly dominant. Some blocks of the bar were overly influenced by these spices - which at times meant the strength was a bit too much. Although at times overly present, there was no doubting their favourable impact on the aftertaste, which was very long lasting. 

Overall this was a bar that had a lot of unique attributes that made for an enjoyable bar of chocolate. The dark chocolate was of a good quality, though the attention was really forced off this aspect of the bar, as the added elements were far more prevalent in the grand scheme of the taste. On one hand this meant the chocolate was strongly flavoured and quite rich, however at times the intensity of the spices tipped the wrong side of the scales and were overly forceful. This wont be a bar to everyones taste, but if you like the sound of the dark chocolate and ginger biscuit combination then this would definitely be a bar I would recommend to you.

8.2 out of 10