December 15th: Montezuma's Vera

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

This 'Vera' bar is the final offering from the range that Montezuma's sent me a while back. On the packaging it says 'to guess how we named this one you have to be a real smarty-pants' ... well I am obviously not very smart as I don't have the foggiest! Anyone!? Anyway, this bar was comprised of the unique combination of dark chocolate and pistachio nuts ... I was hoping this maybe the bar to really make the Montezuma's brand stand out from the rest.

Like the rest of the range the bar came in a 45.0g serving that provided an altogether suitable snack. Despite my own confusion with the name I liked the presentation of the product. The nicely designed outer cardboard box made up for the clumsy looking plastic wrapper the chocolate came in. Although still in the quite boring six block format, the bar had a relatively interesting look with the green pistachio nuts adding an element of colour to the extremely dark looking chocolate. I was hoping for the aroma to give an insight into the taste of the pistachio nuts, though unfortunately all that was on offer was the smell of the cocoa ... at this point I realised there was only one way to find out.

My experiences with actual Montezuma's chocolate has largely been underwhelming, but I must say their dark chocolate was actually quite enjoyable. Comprised of 73% cocoa solids the taste was initially on the bitter side, though once the chocolate had warmed to a sufficient melting point the flavours became more creamy and the vanilla aftertaste was well pronounced. What with the chocolate being of a good standard all that was needed was for the pistachio nuts to deliver and we would have had a good bar of chocolate - unfortunately this wasn't reality. I find pistachio nuts quite restrictive in their flavours at the best of times, but mixed in with the quite strongly flavoured dark chocolate they only mustered a very minor earthy flavoured impression on the taste. I also wasn't particularly fond of their texture, their soft, almost chewiness just didn't feel right in this context. The dark chocolate made this a reasonably satisfying snack, though it was no more or less enjoyable than your average chocolate bar.

Overall this bar was pretty much the story of the Montezuma's range as a whole - neither spectacular or bad .... just pretty damn average. The dark chocolate was of a fair quality, and provided a nice basis for which a nicely flavoured, added ingredient could work off. The pistachio nuts though just didn't deliver, lacking any sort of real flavour ... thus making this just another run of the mill, uninspiring offering from Montezuma's. I am not going to recommend this bar, purely for the reason that for the price you can get far superior chocolates.

7.3 out of 10