December 16th: Milka Yogurt

Kcal 565 Fat 36.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

I continued my way through the seemingly never ending list of Milka variants today with this Milka Yogurt (Joghurt) bar, courtesy once again from my friends at Dean-German-Grocery. It was only a few months ago I reviewed the Ritter Sport Yogurt, a product I immensely enjoyed. Given the usual high standard of Milka fillings, this was a bar that I thought had a lot of potential.

The product came in the 100.0g format, contained within the usual purple themed plastic packaging. The front of the pack looked very similar indeed to the Milka Alpine Milk Cream, though had an aesthetically pleasing sky blue secondary colour scheme implemented. The bar itself looked pretty appetising. Each block was decorated with the Milka logo, and the yogurt filling looked generously portioned and tempting with its distinct white colour. The chocolate had a pretty nice smell, the usual dairy scents of the Alpine Milk were present as well as an extra sweet, vanilla like hint.

As I have come to expect the outer Alpine Milk carried the flavouring of the bar beautifully. All the usual milky flavours were present, of course delivered through a wonderfully smooth melt. As with every flavoured Milka bar the focus was really on the filling, and in line with all expectations the yogurt element didn't disappoint. The focus from the milk chocolate to the yogurt was well transitioned, with the ultra smooth texture remaining relatively the same from layer to layer. The yogurt filling straightaway established an even milkier coolness to the taste with just the smallest note of vanilla present. As the melt of the yogurt layer progressed the slightly tarty, tangy dairy flavours came to the fore providing yet another progressive development to the overall taste. Despite the impressiveness of the flavour progression the taste was not all that long lasting due to the relatively fast melt - still though 50.0g provided a more than adequate snack.

Overall this was yet another hugely enjoyable flavour variant from the Milka brand. The yogurt filling delivered on all the desired flavours - the taste was smooth and milky but with a slightly soured aftertaste ... in my opinion it ticked all the right boxes. Personally I couldn't pick a favourite between this bar and the Ritter Sport Yogurt - they are both products I would recommend. For those that enjoy sweeter, milkier chocolate this will probably be the one out of the two you will prefer.

8.5 out of 10