December 17th: Ritter Sport Rum Knusperstuck

Kcal 89 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 3.6g Carbs 8.9g (per piece)

I have been a little wary of my rum containing chocolate ever since the horrible experience of the Lindt Christmas Punch. Saying that it was hardly like I could turn down the offer from Dean-German-Grocery to sample these Ritter Sport Rum Knusperstuck. These pieces were billed as 'filled milk chocolate with hazelnut cream, raisins, broken wafer, crispy rice and rum'. This was all sounded a little busy for me, though I was hoping Ritter Sport could deliver better results than Lindt's attempt.

It was nice to finally see a Ritter Sport product that didn't just come in the 100.0g square format. These pieces came in a 200.0g bag that contained twelve individually wrapped chocolates. The outer packaging was relatively attractive with a blue Caribbean type theme that was also implemented on the smaller wrappers for each of the chocolates. The chocolates themselves looked pretty appetising. The milk chocolate appeared quite thin, though the middle hazelnut cream filling looked tempting with the raisin, wafer and rice pieces all evident. The smell of the pack was very forthcoming, just opening the outer packaging released a very strong sweet rum smell that grew ever stronger removing the chocolates from their individual wrappers. The aroma set the tone nicely for what was to come.

As the appearance indicated the outer chocolate wasn't the most forceful on the overall taste due to its thin portioning. As soon as the chocolate quickly melted the inner filling cream came to the fore of the taste, with the rum element largely dominating. The earthy flavours of the hazelnut were ever present, though the rum was by far the most forthcoming. The rum was reasonably pleasant and had a nice sweetness to its alcoholic taste. The raisin, wafer and rice pieces were also detectable in the creamy rum taste every so often, adding small sweet fruity, wheaty bursts of flavour. The rum left a lasting impression in the mouth, though the overall taste was really quite sweet. Three pieces at a time provided all the sweetness I could take in one serving, though this was still a pretty pleasant snack.

Overall these have rid my fear of rum flavoured chocolate for the time being, and were actually relatively pleasant chocolates. Right from the off the smell of the product heavily indicated that the rum was going to be the dominant aspect of the product, and this transpired with the taste as well. The pieces lacked influence from the chocolate, however the other ingredients more than made up for its lacklustre presence delivering a strong, sweet alcohol rooted taste. For those that are fans of their liqueur chocolates I would recommend these

8.1 out of 10