December 19th: Annabelle's Rocky Road

Kcal 240 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 34.0g

Someone at CandyPirate must really must have taken a liking to their retro candy bars lately, as straight off the back of my Necco reviews, they sent me this 'Rocky Road' bar. Formed of 'milk chocolate coated marshmallow and cashews', it reminded me a bit of the UK's Tunnocks Teacake (minus the biscuit of course - review coming shortly). This bar is part of the Annabelle's portfolio - a brand that also produces the Abba-Zaba & Big Hunk bars.

The product came in a large looking 51.0g serving, in a very distinct looking red foil wrapper. Personally I thought the wrapper looked a bit tacky, it didn't have the retro appeal of the Necco Sky Bar, to be honest I thought it just looked quite cheap. Despite this the bar itself looked pretty good. The milk chocolate coating held the product together well, and the generous, white fluffy look of the marshmallow looked quite appealing. The smell of the bar was nothing too special, I would describe it as more sweet than anything else, the chocolate and cashews were not all that apparent in the aroma.

The biggest disappointment with this bar had to be the outer chocolate. It lacked a telling taste and really lost relevance in both its texture and flavours due to the prominence of the marshmallow centre. Where the chocolate was distinguishable it offered a pretty uninspiring very sugar led, sweet taste. Its texture wasn't all that impressive either, the melt seemed to have a bit of a grainy texture ... on the whole it was really just disappointing chocolate. Sitting below the chocolate was of course the marshmallow layer, which I had mixed feelings about. It was a lot different to the marshmallow we get here in the UK, its texture was much lighter, with a fluffier feel. Initially I didn't enjoy the taste all that much ... it was just a little to sweet for my liking. However the more I ate, the more the vanilla flavouring of the mallow came to the fore, making its taste that bit more enjoyable. The presence of the cashews can only be described as minimal. Not only were they sparse, but where present their chopped nature meant they did very little for the overall taste. Despite weighing at 51.0g this was a pretty unfulfilling product.

Overall I would say that I was pretty disappointed with this bar, it just didn't deliver on its full potential. Pretty much all the different aspects of the bar could be improved. The milk chocolate could have done with a more distinctive taste, it would probably hugely benefit from being a little thicker. The marshmallow was pretty fair and I enjoyed its unique texture. The implementation of the cashews needs a lot of refining - they need to be far more generously portioned and in a whole nut form. Much like the Necco bars I wouldn't recommend this product on its taste, but if you are interested in trying old fashioned, nostalgia rich candy bars I would give this a look at.

6.9 out of 10