December 20th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Minty

Kcal 510 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 17.0g Carbs 57.0g (per 100.0g)

To say I was a little bemused by this product is a bit of an understatement. 'Terry's Chocolate Orange goes Minty' constitutes of 'dark chocolate with peppermint oil' .... notice anything missing here? Kraft are obviously relying on the 'Terry's' brand to shift this product, but surely branding a product 'Chocolate Orange' and it not containing an orange flavour of any sort is a step to far?

I bought product in the standard 175.0g sphere that was broken into twenty segments. Despite being slightly disgruntled at the misleading outer packaging I could still appreciate the look of the chocolate itself. Terry's Chocolate Orange *ahem* spherical presentation really does have a uniqueness of its own - it would be silly to see any other brand try and imitate it. The chocolate was contained nicely within a foil layer - all of the pieces appeared very clean cut, with very shiny surfaces. The presence of the peppermint oil was very evident from the smell. I could detect elements of cocoa, but the aroma was largely led by the mint.

In terms of dark chocolate quality I wasn't particularly bowled over by the 40% recipe of this product. As I have referred to with many mass produced dark chocolate before the taste was very 'mass consumer friendly' ... i.e. it tasted more like unsweetened milk chocolate rather than having its cocoa flavours amplified. Although not the most strongly flavoured, the dark chocolate still provided a tasty chocolaty background for the more prominent minty flavours. The peppermint oil had a nice cool, refreshing flavour, however its dominance meant the taste was quite one dimensional. The intensity of the peppermint meant the product offered very little in the way of flavours progression  - the taste didn't change whatsoever from the chocolate first entering the mouth till the aftertaste. Five segments provided a reasonable snack, though I must admit I was getting a bit bored of the product once I was near finishing it.

Overall this was a real no frills chocolate mint product. I am still a little peeved at the 'false advertising' of the 'Chocolate Orange' branding - I know it would be one wired mixture with the mint, but surely everything is worth a try. Anyway, forgetting what might have been, this product was a pretty run of the mill offering. The dark chocolate was far from offensive, but at the same time decidedly average. The mint flavouring was strong but a bit overly so, its dominance made for quite a monotonous overall taste. If your a fan of chocolate mint combinations then this would probably be a product you would enjoy, for the rest i wouldn't recommend going massively out your way to try it.

7.3 out of 10