December 21st: Lindt Milk Chocolate Snowballs

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Thanks largely to my friends at Dean-German-Grocery, I have been able to try some of Lindt's finest Christmas goods. Although there have been the odd anomalies *cough* Lindt Christmas Punch *cough*, there have also been some absolutely fantastic offerings (see Lindor Noel, Magic Selection). Today I tried yet another product from their Christmas range, the Lindt Milk Chocolate Snowballs. These came described as 'milk chocolate balls with a double cream filling'.

I bought these in a 100.0g packet that I ate in one very greedy sitting. The presentation of the product was nice. The outer packaging had a pleasant looking Christmas theme, and avoided being overly elaborate. The chocolates themselves looked remarkably similar to the Lindt Kristallzauber I reviewed back in the November. They looked like mini Lindor truffles, and had very appetising looking cream filled centres. Although pretty much scentless in the plastic bag, when released from their mini foil wrappers the chocolates had a dairy led enticing smell.

It wasn't just presentation where this product sparkled. From taste to textures, these were very enjoyable mini chocolates. Although the chocolate was only of a 30% cocoa recipe, and actually quite thin, this still didn't stop it from establishing a strong chocolaty base taste. As soon as the chocolate entered the mouth the distinctly milky, cocoa flavours were immediately present, and grew in their strength as the smooth, thick melt developed. The double cream fillings felt utterly luxurious, and had a super soft feel to compliment the added burst of dairy flavours they offered to the taste. My only slight reservation with these was that due to the super smooth textures, the chocolates didn't last that long in the mouth. This combined with the fact they tasted so good was a deadly combination, as I said above I tucked away the full 100.0g bag in only the one sitting.

Overall these were hugely enjoyable mini chocolate truffles, however they weren't quite a full rounded satisfying product. The milk chocolate was of a high quality, and the double cream truffle fillings really made for a divine overall taste. The textures of the product were superb, with the chocolate only beaten in terms of smoothness by the fillings, which felt almost like silk in the mouth. Unfortunately it was the smoothness and quick melting textures, which made these quite unfulfilling. These are a product I would love to see in the standard Lindor format, if your going to buy some of these, I suggest you buy a few packs - they are incredibly addictive.

8.2 out of 10