December 21st: Ritter Sport Jamaica Rum Truffle

Kcal 512 Fat 30.9g Fat(sats) 19.7g Carbs 52.2g (per 100.0g)

As if my Ritter Sport 'to-review' list wasn't long enough, Dean-German-Grocery kindly sent me across the latest 'Winter Varieties' liqueur based range. Having just reviewed the Ritter Sport Rum Knusperstuck, I thought I would compare them to this 'Jamaica Rum Truffle' variant. This bar was formed of 'milk chocolate filled with butter truffle and rum (3%)'.

This 'Winter Variant' came in the same 100.0g form of the standard Ritter Sport offerings. I particularly liked the look of the packaging - I thought the black portion of the wrapper gave the product a more sophisticated look, whilst the pictures were highly relevant to the filling. The chocolate itself wasn't the most striking of Ritter Sport bars, though a clear distinction between the outer chocolate and inner truffle layer could be made. Much like the 'Rum Knusperstuck' this bar had a very forthcoming Rum smell - the aroma wasn't quite as sweet, but it was equally as indicative of the taste.

I really enjoyed the flavour progression of this bar. The outer chocolate was of the usual Ritter Sport milk chocolate standard and performed its task well of 'carrying' the inner truffle centre. The milky smooth taste of the outer chocolate melted slowly in to the more intense flavours of the truffle centre, the taste growing ever stronger as the melt progressed. The taste of the truffle filling was highly enjoyable - it combined both smooth buttery flavours wonderfully with the ever present rum element. The rum taste was more friendly than the edgier 'Rum Knusperstuck' and had a creamier nature due to the truffle context. Despite not being quite as sharp, the rum flavour lasted for a long time in the mouth, delivering a relatively rich experience.

Overall this was a pretty satisfactory bar that delivered a highly enjoyable rum centric taste. The milk chocolate provided an initial creaminess which set the smooth flavours of the truffle filling up nicely. The concentration of the rum was just about right for me, it was strong enough to stamp its presence on the taste, though not overly alcoholic tasting. I preferred this bar slightly over the Ritter Sport Rum Knusperstuck as it provided a richer, more fulfilling taste. To be honest though, if your a fan of liqueur chocolates, particularly rum, then they are both products you will want to check out.

8.2 out of 10