December 22nd: Lindt Lindor 60% Extra Dark Truffles

Kcal 70 Fat 6.3g Fat(sats) 4.3g Carbs 4.5g (per truffle)

Having just reviewed the Lindt Lindor Noel Christmas truffles, I noticed there was a glaring omission from the Chocolate Mission Lindor reviews ... these 60% Extra Dark truffles. Although pretty widely available in the UK (see the supermarkets etc!!) Dean-German-Grocery yet again provided me with the product for today's review. Combining an outer dark chocolate coating with a smooth truffle centre, these were far from the strongest Lindt dark chocolate I had tasted, but I was hoping that this 60% formulation would do the Lindor format justice.

As you can see above these came in the usual Lindt Lindor wrappers - the black colour was obviously highly appropriate given the product. The truffles looked identical to the mint variant until cross-sectioned, upon where the product lacked the contrasting filling colours. I was disappointed at the slight blooming effect that was apparent on the surface of the truffles, I hadn't had this trouble with any other Lindt offering before, regardless the distance the product had travelled. The aroma wasn't quite as forthcoming as some other dark chocolate Lindt bars I have tried, though it still had a detectable cocoa scent that set the mood nicely for what was to come.

As expected the dark chocolate was not the strongest in comparison to other Lindt Chocolates I have tasted, but it was full of flavour. The outer chocolate had a fantastic melt that was wonderfully smooth but still thick, even at the most progressed stage of its melt. The chocolate was wonderfully flavoured, the cocoa taste became increasingly intense as the outer chocolate melted, though it was never near what I would determine bitter. This was largely due to the ever existing milky undertone that accompanied the dominant cocoa flavours. The truffle centre was as ever luxuriously smooth in its texture - there isn't anything quite as soft as a Lindor truffle centre. The one problem I have had with Lindor truffle centres in that past is that at times the fast melt of the centres have meant the flavours have disappeared all too quickly. Luckily this wasn't the case here, the centres were not quite as cocoa intensive as the outer chocolate, but were just as flavoursome, with a divine creaminess that had a hint of vanilla in its aftertaste. These were very enjoyable truffles, and due to their richness even gave a satisfying chocolate hit when eaten one at a time.

Overall these are up there with the very best of the Lindor range. The combination of great flavours and textures made for a superb truffle - maybe not quite the standard of the comparable Ferrero Rondnoir, but still a wonderful dark chocolate truffle nonetheless. I don't think you have to be the biggest fan of dark chocolate to enjoy these, the cocoa strength was evident, but never over done; and the added creaminess of the centre further made this a non-issue. I would very much recommend these, they are bound to be a favourite for a lot of people this Christmas.

8.6 out of 10