December 22nd: Marks & Spencer Snowy Balls

Kcal 460 Fat 28.2g Fat(sats) 19.7g Carbs 46.7g (per 100.0g)

I have been studying for my finals in the last few weeks so sugar based snacks have been of high consumption recently. I am a bit of an M&S fan, and have recently been paying more attention to their confectionery offerings. Given my love for M&S and desire for sugar laden snacks, these M&S Snowy Balls that constituted of 'solid milk chocolate balls in a crispy candy shell with icing sugar', sounded like a product that fitted my needs entirely.  

These Snowy Balls came in a 100.0g bag that contained 15 or so spherical pieces. I liked the design of the outer packaging, the Christmas theme was well incorporated and refrained from being overstated or tacky. The pieces themselves were wonderful to look at, though left a trail of icing sugar on anything they came into contact with i.e. they were a little messy. Although a highly decorative product, these lacked any sort of an aroma. Aside from the most minor of sweet smells the pieces largely were scentless, which disappointingly didn't really do anything to indicate the nature of the taste. 

Before consuming these I wasn't entirely convinced at the thought of the pieces being coated in icing sugar and a crisp sugar coating. I thought the combination of the two might make the taste overly sweet, but this wasn't to be the case. Of course it was sweet, but the sugary flavours were more refined and subtle than expected. The icing sugar was light in texture, and the crispy shells were really smooth - not like the gritty sugary shells you can get with similar products. The outer sweet layers really set up the chocolate nicely. The chocolate was relatively forthcoming in its milky cocoa, driven flavours. It was not the most intricate or sophisticated of milk chocolates, though its was flavoursome enough, and left a relatively long lasting cocoa taste in the mouth. 

Overall these were hardly a spectacular product, though they did the job in terms of providing a pleasant sweet chocolaty snack. Despite my initial predisposition to the icing sugar and crispy shells combination, they actually ended up delivering a unique and enjoyable basis for the chocolate. As I said above it was not the best tasting milk chocolate ever, but it was tasty enough to provide a satisfying experience. I wouldn't say you should go massively out your way to buy these, but if your passing through M&S anytime soon these could be worth a try if your a fan of Smarties, M&Ms etc. 

7.7 out of 10