December 23rd: Green & Black's Milk & Spiced Fruit

Kcal 496 Fat 29.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Last week I reviewed the first of two Green & Black's Christmas limited editions - the Green & Black's Dark & Gingerbread. Having been relatively impressed by that variant it only felt right to review the second Christmas edition, the Milk & Spiced Fruit. On pack This bar was described as 'dried fruits mulled with rum and seasonal spices blended with milk chocolate'. Further inspection of the ingredients showed it contained a whole manner of different fruits: dried apple, lemon peel, orange peel, sultanas and raisins. This combined with the aged Jamaican rum, ginger, cinnamon and chilli made for what sounded like a very exciting mixture. 

As with the Dark & Gingerbread this product came in a 150.0g bar. The outer packaging was nicely presented and gave the impression of being a premium chocolate. I wasn't as impressed with the presentation of the actual chocolate. As you can see in the picture above the blocks were almost impossible to break off cleanly, which was not only mildly annoying, but also made eating this bar quite a messy experience. Despite this problem the sheer wealth of the fruit pieces was highly noticeable in the chocolate, and was really quite tempting. When removed from its foil layer the chocolate had a fantastically forthcoming aroma. The smell was an enticing convergence of alcohol and fragrant spices and reminded me a lot of mulled wine - it certainly provided a good indication of the taste.

In terms of its flavours this was a very busy bar. The milk chocolate was of a 37% recipe and provided a good base chocolate. The chocolate was more notable for its milky, dairy led flavours rather than its cocoa strength. It largely constitued the background of the taste, allowing the added ingredients in the bar too express their flavours fully. The rum flavours were instantly detectable when the chocolate first entered the mouth. It gave the chocolate a slight alcoholic edge, but thankfully avoided  being overly intense or dominating in relation to the other flavours. As the nice smooth melt of the chocolate progressed the fruit pieces were revealed. Each block seemed to provide a different fruity taste - some having more sharp, citrus notes, whilst others adding sweeter flavour bursts. The spices were most detectable in the aftertaste where the ginger and cinnamon spices left lasting complimentary flavours to the fruit. Due to the dense nature of the bar, it proved to be a very fulfilling chocolate. I ended up eating this product over four very satisfying servings. 

Overall this could easily have been a bar branded 'Christmas Pudding Flavoured Chocolate' - as this was exactly how it tasted. The convergence of all the different fruits, rum and spices made for a very enjoyable taste. The chocolate itself wasn't the most spectacular, though it did a good enough job of carrying the added ingriedients. This was certainly one of the fruitiest bars of chocolate I have tasted - it was crammed full of several different fruits, which made the taste extremely variable. If you love your Christmas Pudding then then this would be a bar you would really enjoy, and one that I would certainly recommend.

8.3 out of 10