December 26th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Cracking Hazelnut

Kcal 136 Fat 7.g Fat(sats) 4.3g Carbs 14.0g (per 3 pieces)

I really have been rattling my way through the Terry's Chocolate Orange range recently. My recent reviews of the Snowball and Minty showed these variants didn't quite live up to the original Terry's Chocolate Orange. Today I was hoping this 'Cracking Hazelnut' flavour would give it a run for its money - comprised of 'milk chocolate flavoured with real orange with hazelnut pieces', it really sounded like a combination that could do just that.

I bought this variant in the 170.0g 'whole orange' form - this did me nicely for four servings. I wasn't too sure about the yellow colouring of the packaging - I don't know what it was but I just don't generally associate hazelnut with that colour - I think a dark brown would have been more appropriate. The product obviously retained its usual appeal with its speherical form, though I wasn't all that impressed by the implementation of the hazelnuts. The hazelnut pieces could be clearly seen studded within the chocolate but they just looked tiny. As with every Terry's Chocolate Orange product the smell was extremely forthcoming, the orange smell was fantastic as ever, but there was no indication of the hazelnut at all. 

To be honest this tasted very little different to the standard Terry's Chocolate Orange. The milk chocolate set up the orange flavour nicely with its sweet and milky taste - its not the best milk chocolate in the world but as ever it complimented the orange flavour nicely. The orange element retained all its usual fresh, zesty flavours, indeed mass consumption does prove the flavours to be a bit monotonous, but as chocolate and orange combinations go very few beat it .... so what are we forgetting here? .... oh yes the hazelnuts. I have already referred to how unimpressive the nut pieces were aesthetically - unfortunately this corresponded in the taste as well. The hazelnut pieces only accounted for 4% of the total ingredients - tastewise they didn't even account for that, I could hardly detect any sort of contribution to the taste whatsoever. Not only were the pieces flavourless but they ruined the texture of the chocolate adding a none to pleasant grainy feel. This was still a relatively enjoyable product, though this was by no part thanks to the 'cracking hazelnut'.  

Overall this was a really hard product to rate as at the end of the day it still tasted pretty good, it was just the added hazelnut was actually detrimental and didn't prove worthwhile in its presence. I am normally not a fan of chopped nuts, but this was product took things to new extremes ... it was more along the lines of powdered nuts. Frankly, implementing the nuts so finely ruined a product of great potential. The hazelnut pieces added nothing to the taste and to an extent even managed to ruin the texture somewhat. Despite all this, some of the original greatness of the Terry's Chocolate Orange was retained - the orange flavouring was still fresh tasting and highly enjoyable in moderation. I would recommend staying clear of this variant, it is a shame but it just doesn't deliver the nutty goodness it should do. 

7.2 out of 10