December 27th: Nestle After Eight

Kcal 31 Fat 0.9 Fat(sats) 0.6 Carbs 4.3g (per thin)

You may recall me way back in July giving the After Eight Bitesize a bit of a tough time (Review HERE). If I recall correctly I simply just didn't like the format of the product, the flavours were delivered in a sickeningly sweet fashion ... it just didn't work. It is surprising it has taken me this long to get around to it, but today I tried After Eight's in their traditional form - 'dark chocolate thin mints - plain chocolates with a peppermint flavoured fondant cream centre'.

I bought these in a rather handy 38.0g box - this might not sound like much, but it actually contained six pieces. The presentation of the product was nice the box incorporated the classical green After Eight theme well, and the mints came presented in branded paper sleeves. What with the chocolates being so thin, there wasn't much scope for design work, despite this I thought the pieces looked sleek anyway. The chocolates were not as minty smelling as I thought they might be, I could detect a hint of peppermint but the smell was quite subtle and more cocoa led.

Though these 'thins' were far more enjoyable than the After Eight Bitesize pieces, they still lacked a little something ... chocolate! The plain chocolate coating was extremely thin and really struggled to create a flavour base of any sort. I guess this was to be expected what with the 'thins' format, but even so it could have been implemented far thicker. The minor flavours it did muster brought a pleasant unsweetened cocoa element to the taste, however these were soon overcome by the dominant peppermint fondant. The mint filling delivered no where near the sickly taste of the Bitesize pieces. Although the sweet peppermint flavours were still strong, the thinner nature of the filling meant that , they avoided being overly harsh. My own real problem with the taste was that because the mint was so dominating it became a little monotonous, these were not chocolates to really be consumed more than three at a time, this made them a pretty unfulfilling product. 

Overall these are a far superior product to the After Eight Bitesize, though for me they are still far from being the great product they could be. I know these are a 'classic' design and have been around since time began, but there is a refinement that needs to be made in the portioning of the chocolate - it simply needs to be far thicker. Doing this would give the chocolate more of a relevance on the taste, as well as balancing the mint centre to a greater degree. For chocolate mint fans these are probably a fair proposition, but for the rest these are nothing really to get excited about. 

7.1 out of 10