December 28th: Ritter Sport Organic Sultanas & Cashew

Kcal 352 Fat 22.3g Fat(sats) 12.7g Carbs 32.0g (per 65.0g)

Dean-German-Grocery recently sent me across these new 'Bio' bars, which are the latest line of innovation from Ritter Sport. This range is formed of four organic options - the first of which I tried today, the Sultanas and Cashew variant. The bar came described as 'organic milk chocolate with cashew nuts (12%) and sultanas (8%)', my initial thoughts were that it was nice to see a fruit and nut combination using a different type of nut to the usual hazelnuts or almonds.

The Bio range differs from the standard Ritter Sport range in that all the bars come in 65.0g packs. I ate this entire bar in one serving - to be honest I thought it was quite an awkward size for a product. The outer packaging looked nice, I thought the wrapper got the organic message of the product over well with its graphical display of the fresh looking nuts and grapes. I was surprised to see the bar still split into sixteen blocks despite its smaller size - this would later prove detrimental to the textures of the product. The smell of the bar was quite enticing, the aroma was a mixture of nutty, cocoa elements - it was pretty indicative of the taste.

The first thing I noticed about this bar was that the milk chocolate was a little stronger in its flavours in comparison to the milk chocolate of the standard Ritter Sport bars. It was still not the most flavoursome of chocolates, but it was noticeably more amplified in its cocoa flavours, and its milky aftertaste seemed to linger that touch longer. In comparison to the standard Ritter Sport Fruit & Nut offering, I thought the textures of this Bio bar suffered due to the size of the blocks. The smaller pieces meant that the cashew nuts were not implemented as largely as they could have been. The nuts still offered a delicious set of nutty, buttery flavours but they lacked the crunch that would have come with them being implemented larger. There were no such problems with the sultanas, they were implemented in much the same fashion as the original and added a delightful sweet, fruity set of flavours as well as a nice extra chewy element to the texture.

Overall this was a very nice fruit and nut offering, though my preference does lie with the original Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnuts & Raisins for a few small reasons. The milk chocolate of this bar was superior, and noticeably more forceful with its cocoa flavours. Unfortunately though the textures of this bar weren't quite up to standard of the aforementioned - the smaller blocks meant the melt of the chocolate was a little bit too fast paced, and the size of the nuts were restricted meaning they didn't quite deliver the desired crunch. Despite these small discrepancies this was still a hugely enjoyable bar of chocolate - definitely one for readers that enjoy their organic produce.

8.3 out of 10