December 29th: Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Dark

Kcal 550 Fat 37.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

Having reviwed the absolutely superb Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Milk a few weeks ago, I was really quite excited about trying this 'Dark' variant that Dean-German-Grocery so kindly included in the latest package they sent me. This bar followed much the same premise as the milk variant - formed of dark chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling (36%), it sounded absolutely fantastic.

The bar came in the same 140.0g size as the milk variant. Comparing the two now, in regards to presentation, branding aside, they looked exactly the same apart from the shade of brown being ever so slightly darker on the dark variant. Of course I liked the look of the packaging, but I thought there should have been a few more differences between the two variants. For instance the pictures were nearly exactly the same ... I think something more could have been done to highlight the variations. I had no problem with the bar itself, the outer chocolate was darker in its complexion, which further highlighted the lighter, fluffier looking mousse filling - it looked very appetising. The chocolate smelt pretty enticing; strong cocoa scents emerged as soon as I opened the foil layer - only furthering my anticipation.

I will tell you straight away that I ever so slightly preferred the taste of the milk chocolate variant, I really wouldn't read to much into that though, as this dark variant was still absolutely fantastic. The flavour progression of the milk product was flipped on its head with this dark variant. The taste started off more edgy and intense, and then seemed to smooth out with the mousse filling. The initial flavours of the dark chocolate coating were fantastic. The melt was luxuriously smooth and thick and revealed the lighter mousse filling very seductively and slow. The taste of the outer dark chocolate was straight away very powerful, with the strong cocoa flavours very dominant. As the mouse filling was revealed, the taste became more creamy and sweet. Despite the intensity of the flavours 'tailing off' with the lighter mousse, the longer exposure to the stronger flavoured outer chocolate meant that overall this was the richer of the two variants. This was a highly satisfying bar, with each block leaving a lasting cocoa impression in the mouth.

Overall, just as I hoped this was a hugely enjoyable chocolate that didn't fail to live up to expectations. I can't actually determine an overall preference between the milk or dark variant - I ever so slightly preferred the nature of the flavour progression with the milk variant, though on the other hand I preferred the dark variant as it was the more fulfilling option out of the two. To be honest they are both superb chocolates bars that are worthy of their individual acclaim. From presentation to taste, they are both full round quality products and I would highly recommend either variant.

8.8 out of 10

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