December 2nd: Caley's Plain Chocolate

Kcal 527 Fat 35.3g Carbs 46.6g (per 100.0g)

Excuse me if this review is a little short tempered, though to be honest this bar doesn't deserve much else. Caley's are a company based in Norwich, England - and according to their wrapper have been making chocolate since 1883 ... now that is a long time. Ever since buying this bar a few weeks ago (in Tesco!!), I have been putting off eating it, and just choosing to review other more appetising looking bars first - why have i been doing this??? ... well to be honest I think on my mission to finding the 'best chocolate bar in the world', I have stumbled across potentially the 'most boring chocolate bar in the world' - the Caley's Plain Chocolate bar.

Let me substantiate the reasoning behind this all. I don't know if the wrapper was intended to look retro, but in my opinion it just looked dull. The product lacked any description or marketing gumpf to bring the product to life. I am not a massive fan of over-the-top claims , but still giving your bar selling point is straight forward marketing. Looking more closely at the chocolate itself ... well as you can see above it lacked any sort of character - no branding, no design work whatsoever ... this could have been a value brand supermarket chocolate. Just to top off the lacking presentation, despite coming in a foil layer the bar lacked any sort of forthcoming aroma. A slight cocoa smell was detectable, but with a bar with 58% cocoa solids you would really expect more.

What the bar lacked in smell, it certainly didn't make up for in taste. The taste was hardly poor, but was just lacking in any sort of longevity or real impact. When in the mouth a buttery, friendly cocoa taste was evident, though this was largely forgettable as soon as the piece melted into a thin liquid. The flavours did not sustain themselves to any degree, which meant this was a pretty uneventful and unfulfilling experience.

Overall there is nothing more to say about this product other than it is just a lazy bar of chocolate. It lacked quality in pretty much all dimensions including both its presentation of packaging and bar, textures, taste ... this list could go on - but why bother? For a company that has been making chocolate since 1883 surely they should know something about a) basic marketing b) making good chocolate .... obviously not! Avoid!

5.7 out of 10