December 2nd: Necco Sky Bar

Kcal 200 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 30.0g

The Sky Bar has been in production since 1938 and forms another part of the New England Confectionary Co's portfolio. Why is it called the Sky Bar? well way back when it first launched in the 30's Necco used a 'dramatic skywriting campaign' in order to advertise the bar ... that's pretty sweet marketing for the 30's huh!? This bar is a bit of a rarity nowadays but CandyPirate have managed to get hold of some and were kind enough to send me one to review. Constituting of four different fillings: caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge - this bar reminded me a lot of the Cadbury Snack they have in South Africa ... obviously with vastly different flavoured centres.

The wrapper of this bar is the definition of retro! I would love to know what it looked like when it was first launched, though I doubt it would look all that different. I thought it had a real classic appeal, and really gave the product a lot of character. The actual bar was also protected by a cardboard sleeve, and included some nice detailed pattern work integrated into the top of the four pieces. The product didn't have the most intricate of smells, it offered little more than I can describe as a sweet smell .... to be honest I was too busy looking at the wrapper to take too much notice.

The milk chocolate that coated the bar really wasn't all that good. The rate of the melt was ok but it had a slightly grainy texture. The taste was very sweet, with the flavours quite milky but all very sugar rooted. The aftertaste left a creamy taste in the mouth, though in truth I would say it was quite a cheap tasting milk chocolate. The 'star attraction' so to speak with this bar were the four different fillings. Each of them delivered their intended flavours relatively well. The fudge centre was more chocolaty than the rest, the caramel was by far the sweetest, the vanilla was creamier and the peanut had a nice nutty appeal. I must admit I was more expecting creme type fillings, and was initially surprised by their fondant type sugary consistancy. I did feel a little short changed with the peanut filling, as I was expecting a centre that took more of a peanut butter form, though the peanut fondant still delivered a satisfactory taste. This bar was on the whole was very sweet, but provided a fairly fulfilling snack and was a relatively enjoyable one at that.

this was not the greatest tasting bar of chocolate in the world, though it still does have an element of appeal with the uniqueness of its design. Despite the bar being made in 1938 there are very few like it on the market - there's the aforementioned Cadbury Snack and the now discontinued Fry's 5 centres, but at present there are not many imitators. For this reason, in my book, this makes this a rather interesting a unique proposition. The flavours of the bar are by no means exceptional, but there is an element of appeal in the anticipation of seeing what centre you are actually consuming. If you have an interest in trying diversified products than this bar will be of interest to you, if your simply just looking for a great tasting chocolate bar then you should probably look elsewhere.

7.5 out of 10

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