December 4th: Conscious Chocolate Choca Mocha Magic

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Having seen this range recently featured on ChocoaBlog to rave reviews, I was especially looking forward to getting my hands on this locally produced Sussex made chocolate. Conscious are a small company based in the UK and describe their chocolate as: 'hand made, sugar free, vegan, raw chocolate sourced from the finest ingredients' - for more information check out their website (HERE!). I will be sampling a number of bars from the Conscious range in the near future - today I started with the 'Chocoa Mocha Magic' bar.

This bar came in a 40.0g serving that proved more than sufficient - it was a very rich chocolate. As you may have noticed by the picture it was really no frills presentation - the packaging format is entirely consistent across the range. According t0 the website it is packaging for the 'conscious' minded, personally I would have preffered some form of differentiation for each flavour variant. I am all for the recyclable credentials and the lack of marketing blurb, but I just would have liked to have seen a little more care and attention given here. Saying this I quickly forgot the aesthetic appeal of the product when I opened the inner foil layer. I was met with a utterly fantastic mixture of cocoa and coffee scents - probably the strongest I have ever smelt. I could literally smell the coffee beans, it was masivelly enticing.

The first thing I noticed about the chocolate was its supple nature. Just the slightest touch left a lasting impression on the surface - it was far softer than your average chocolate bar. Unfortunately this did mean it was a bit on the messy side, though it still made for a nicely paced, thick melt. The chocolate didn't have the smoothest texture ever but I guess this was to be expected given its 'raw' nature. The ingredients list made for some interesting reading, it included some things I had never even heard of before - 'agave nectar' and 'carob' (See HERE for more details!). One thing that I was sure of was the quality of the taste - it was superb. The cocoa flavours immediately exerted their influence as soon as the first piece entered my mouth. The chocolate tasted fresh, clean and incredibly rich - on the whole hugely enjoyable. As the melt progressed the coffee element grew in its intensity - in coffee terms it was more of a filter black coffee taste, rather than a creamy mocha. The coffee had an element of bitterness to it, making the chocolate seem all the richer. The roasted flavours of the coffee beans and dark chocolate made for a hugely satisfying and richly flavoured chocolate.

Overall this is the perfect example of why you shouldn't judge a chocolate completely by its wrapper. It's exterior look really didn't inspire much confidence - after unwrapping the bar though I encountered an entirely different prospect. The chocolate was utterly fantastic and was complimented superbly by the roasted coffee beans - the bar was crammed full of flavour. I am sure you are all aware of my love for chocolate coffee combinations and I can say this one is up there with the best of them. I really can't wait to try some of the other variants from the Conscious range - for a unique chocolate coffee experience, this bar is definitely worth a look at.

8.3 out of 10