December 5th: Bounty Dark

Kcal 134 Fat 7.2g Carbs 17.9g (per 28.5g / half bar)

It seems like forever since I reviewed the original milk chocolate Bounty all the way back in July. I don't know how this dark chocolate variant has evaded me since then, but it caught my eye on the shelf today. The bar follows much the same premise as the original, billed as 'moist tender coconut covered in rich dark chocolate' - the packet had no indication how strong the dark chocolate was formulated, which was of slight annoyance.

The bar came in a 57.0g format that was split into two smaller bars. The quality of the packaging was good and ticked both major boxes - it looked good and kept the product fresh. The only variation in the look of the bar was obviously the darker appearance of the chocolate, if anything it highlighted the pale inner coconut even more. The smell of the bar wasn't quite as strong as the original - I could still detect the coconut, however it didn't offer the same sweet dairy scents.

I am going to tell you right away that I found the taste neither better nor worse than the milk chocolate Bounty. Despite this, the flavours offered were fundamentally different - on the chocolate side of things anyway. The dark chocolate was of a mass consumer friendly type nature - the cocoa wasn't necessarily amplified, but the sweetness of the bar was removed. This had two knock on effects - firstly it meant the chocolate wasn't quite as flavoursome, but secondly it meant that the coconut innards featured more heavily in the overall taste ... to be honest they rather cancelled each other out. The nature of the chocolate meant the melt was slightly slower, meaning the milky, nutty, buttery flavours of the coconut could be savoured for longer in the mouth. I ate this as an afternoon snack and by the time I finished the second bar I found it largely fulfilling experience.

Overall I am going to sit majorly on the fence with this one as I can't pick a preference between this or the milk chocolate version. Which one I would choose would solely depend on the mood I am in and what I fancy at the time. If I was looking for a sweeter, milkier bar I would happily have the original Bounty. If I fancied a richer, nuttier bar I would go for this dark version. Despite not being able to pick a favourite I would very much recommend both as a means of getting a chocolate and coconut fix - its lucky really as its hardly like there are any other readily available alternatives.

8.3 out of 10