December 5th: Scho-Ka-Kola

Kcal 32 Fat 2.2g Carbs 2.6g (per piece)

I had very little knowledge of this brand before Dean-German-Grocery sent me this product. According to wiki the Scho-ka-Kola brand dates all the way back to 1935, and is a chocolate that contains additional caffeine from cocoa, roasted coffee and cola-nut. The back of the pack told me that eating this chocolate provides 'sustained energy for more power and concentration' and that 'four pieces contain as much caffeine as a strong espresso' .... I smell a gimmick, but what the hell, I am always one for chocolate and coffee combinations!!

The product came in a 100.0g tin that contained 16 triangular pieces. The tin format was very welcome, I can't
think of many (if any!?) other chocolates that are packaged in such a way - definitely points there for originality. The actual pieces were nicely designed as well; they were just about the right size to fit in the mouth and had a nice clean cut ribbed design. The pieces had a musty, nutty sort of fruity smell - I didn't find it all that appealing, it didn't seem fitting for the actual product.

The type of
chocolate used was plain chocolate, and it had a really middle ground taste. It had more of an emphasis on its cocoa flavours rather than its milk, however neither were really that forceful on the overall taste. The coffee was very much the dominating aspect; but still wasn't quite the intensity of other coffee products I have tried recently (see Ferrero Espresso Pocket Coffee etc!), the flavours were quite forgettable once the product left the mouth. The textures of the pieces were quite nice - the melt was fast but smooth. I can't say I was all to crazy about the slightly bitter aftertaste that was left in the mouth, though it was no where near the levels of bitterness experienced with the Snickers Charged, I guess it was just a bi product of the additional caffeine. I ate all these pieces in three servings (six at a time), aside from providing a fairly fulfilling snack they also noticeably improved my alertness for a short period ... basically they had the same effect as a cup of coffee.

Overall these are not the greatest coffee and chocolate combination currently going, but as a whole product they aren't half bad either
. The chocolate wasn't the greatest - to be honest in the grand scheme of things its taste was probably a little sub par, it just lacked a real flavour base. The coffee flavouring was a little better, and on the whole delivered an okish taste. These are a highly gimmicky offering, though the unique presentation and genuine short-term energy boosts these deliver make them a pretty fun product. I wouldn't recommend them on taste alone but as a whole product they offer something a little different - if you like the sound of Scho-Ka-Kola I see no reason why not to give it a try.

7.3 out of 10
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