December 6th: Ritter Sport Raisins & Hazelnuts

Kcal 513 Fat 29.1g Fat(sats) 16.6g Carbs 55.9g (per 100.0g)

I really am wondering If I will ever see the end of the Ritter Sport range? Don't get me wrong I hope I don't ... it just seems that whenever I think I must be nearing the end of all their offerings, Dean-German-Grocery manage to magic up another ten or so variants I haven't tried. Today's bar of choice was the Ritter Sport Raisins & Hazelnuts, formed of 'milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts. Fruit and nut mixes are one of faves (when done properly!!), and I was pretty optimistic that Ritter Sport could pull it off given their impressive portfolio.

This bar came in the usual 100.0g, 16 block format. I was pleased to see Hazelnuts on the packaging rather than almonds ... one look at my Ritter Sport Whole Almonds review will tell you why. Speaking of the nuts, I must comment on how well portioned they looked in the bar - every single block seemed to have a healthy dosage of hazelnuts poking out every which way. The wrapper claimed that the raisins were far more heavily portioned (17%), than the hazelnuts (7%), though one look at the bar suggested otherwise ... whatever it looked well presented. The bar had a remarkably strong nutty aroma. It smelt absolutely fantastic and really set my expectations of what was to come.

The milk chocolate once again delivered another instance of fine flavours. Despite the fruit and nut ingredients taking up a lot of space in the bar, the chocolate was still very prevalent in the grand scheme of the taste, and provided a delicious milky, chocolaty base. Although the hazelnuts were not implemented whole as in the Whole Hazelnuts bars, they still provided a strong nutty, earthy taste. They didn't quite provide the same sort of crunch to the texture, though this was partially atoned for by the Raisins that added an extra degree of interest with their soft chewiness. As well as adding to the texture, the raisins contributed some sweet, fruity flavours to the taste that contrasted nicely with the more savoury flavours of the hazelnuts. 50.0g of this provided a very enjoyable and fulfilling snack.

Overall just as I was hoping, Ritter Sport delivered a very high standard fruit and nut bar. I would go as far as saying that this one is up there with the best of them, including the Hotel Chocolat Crostini Fruit & Nut and the Toblerone Fruit & Nut. The mix of the hazelnuts and raisins was near perfection, with just about the right amount of each superbly complimenting the milk chocolate. If the bar included whole hazelnuts and a slightly better standard milk chocolate, it would be really putting pressure on the upper end of the Chocolate Mission spectrum. For the minute though this is yet another from the Ritter Sport range I would recommend.