December 7th: Milka Feuer

Kcal 550 Fat 35.5g Fat(sats) 20.5g Carbs 49.5g (per 100.0g)

This Milka Feuer (Fire) review rounds up my look at the limited edition Milka 'Elements' range. You may recall in the past few weeks me looking at the Milka Wasser (Water), Luft (Air) & Erde (Earth), all of which have offered some interesting flavour variants, though hardly set the Chocolate Mission rating system alight. Excuse the pun, but I was hoping this final variant that Dean-German-Grocery sent me - 'Feuer' would change all that. Comprised of 'Alpine Milk chocolate with a cocoa creme chili flavoured filling', this bar really suggested it could light some fires .... ok ok I will stop now :D

The bar came in the standard 100.0g Milka form and provided me with two reasonably satisfying servings. The packaging looked nice with the usual purple Milka theme, I thought the fire and the chili image displayed on the front communicated the essence of the product well. The chocolate nicely incorporated the usual Milka logo on each block and the cocoa cream looked well portioned when the bar was cross-sectioned. The chili element wasn't apparent in either the presentation or smell of the bar. The aroma on offer was no different to the usual pleasantness of the Alpine Milk Chocolate.

The outer Alpine Milk chocolate carried the inner cocoa creme nicely. The initial milky flavours of the chocolate nicely preceded the more intense flavours of the centre, and revealed the filling at a nice rate. The transition of the creamy outer chocolate to the stronger tasting centre was an enjoyable contrast. I am firmly of the belief that Milka Alpine Milk is one of the better milk chocolate 'flavour carriers'. The cocoa creme was just as smooth as the solid chocolate, though had a lighter, whipped density. The actual cocoa flavours were not that amplified, though the chili element was very evident during the aftertaste. The taste and warmth of the chili was more forthcoming than I was expecting, though it must be said it didn't take long for these effects to leave the mouth due to the exceptionally fast melt of both the outer chocolate and the creme. Though the chili was highly detectable I would have have liked it to have been a bit stronger - I guess this was Milka understandably playing on the safe side.

Overall this was a reasonably good offering from Milka, though it didn't quite live up to the levels of some of the other bars from the range. The milkiness of the chocolate on the whole rather toned down the effect of the chili - it was a nice contrast but just meant the chili needed a little bit more strength to the make the taste last that little bit longer. If you are interested in trying chili flavoured chocolate, but are normally put off by the fact most chili containing bars are dark chocolate, this would be a bar I recommend.

7.8 out of 10