December 8th: Cadbury Brunchbar Hazelnut

Kcal 160 Fat 7.5g Fat(sats) 2.9g Carbs 21.2g

Cadbury really have got themselves in a bit of a pickle with the branding of their cereal bars. Back in July I reviewed the Cadbury Snack Raisin Cereal Bar ... a product that looks absolutely no different to the Raisin variant of this Cadbury Brunchbar range (see HERE). That Raisin variant seems to be the most readily available - I see multi packs in the supermarkets all the time, though today I found this Hazelnut variant accommodating a vending machine on my university campus.

Comprising of 'oats, bran flakes, hazelnuts, crispies & honey in a bed of Cadbury's milk chocolate' it seemed like the perfect option for breakfast on the run. Although weighing in at 35.0g it was a pretty fulfilling option and certainly did the job of tieing my hunger over till mid-morning. The product was presented well in a fresh keeping and well designed foil wrapper. It was nice to finally come across a cereal bar/flapjack product that wasn't all half stuck to the insides when I opened it. The bar didn't have much of a forthcoming smell, there was a sweet honey and nut type aroma, though this was very subtle.

In comparison to the quite bland Cadbury Snack Raisin Cereal Bar, I enjoyed this product a little more, however it was still lacking real defining flavours. Much like in the Snack Bar, the milk chocolate tasted fantastic - it had a lovely sweet milky flavour that wasn't to dissimilar from Dairy Milk. Unfortunately it just wasn't generously portioned enough, it was just way too thin to leave a lasting impact against the denser cereal mix. The cereal mix itself had a sweet chewy consistency thanks to the added honey. The cereal mix was noticeably more nutty than in the Snack Bar, the presence of the hazelnut was definitely a welcome addition to the mix. This was a relatively fulfilling snack given the size, though the aftertaste was very short lived and the product failed to really leave me with a lasting flavour impression.  

Overall this bar did its job in providing me with a quick fix breakfast, but there is still room for improvement. In comparison to the Snack Raisin Cereal Bar the added hazelnut gave the cereal mix a bit more flavour, though the coating of milk chocolate was equally as thin and lacking the desired chocolaty hit. I am not a huge fan or cereal bars and the such, but I did get a reasonable amount of satisfaction from this product, for that reason if your looking for a quick, fulfilling solution I would recommend this bar.

7.4 out of 10