December 9th: Milky Way Magic Stars

Kcal 183 Fat 11.5g Carbs 17.9g

My experiences with the UK Milky Way brand have been a bit up and down. I did really enjoy the standard Milky Way bar, though the Milky Way Crispy Rolls are currently holding down a spot in the lowest rated table. Because of this I didn't know what to expect from these Milky Way Magic Stars - well apart from the fact they were 'star-shaped pieces of aerated milk chocolate' ... they sounded safe enough.

These came in a 33.0g packet which contained about 25 small star pieces. The packaging was relatively attractive, though the material used didn't do the best job at keeping the product fresh. As you will see above the individual star pieces looked quite nicely crafted but didn't look all that appetising due to their dusty and unkempt looking surfaces. I can't say they smelt much better either. There was a faint milky smell, however it smelt quite musty ... almost sour.

Well thankfully the taste wasn't as bad as the smell. The chocolate obviously wasn't of the best quality, however it did have some degree of appeal. The sweet, milky taste was passable, though the flavours soon became a little boring due to their one dimensional form. The aerated texture was delivered relatively well, especially considering each of the pieces were so small. As aerated chocolate goes, these Milky Way Magic Stars aren't up there with the Aero or Cadbury Wispa ... these simply just didn't match them for taste. The 33.0g bag didn't provide a fulfilling snack - I was still relatively hungry after eating these.

Overall these were really weren't the best of products on the market, as I have mentioned above there are far better alternatives in the aerated chocolate market. I guess a great deal of the appeal with these is supposed to be the star shapes aimed at kids - but I even found the presentation of these slightly off the mark, the dusty complexion of the chocolate just really didn't look all that appetising. I personally won't ever be bothering with these again, though I guess aerated chocolate fans may want to try them.

6.8 out of 10