January 31st: Cadbury Starbar


New wrapper added 02/01/2011

Kcal 260 Fat 14.8g Carbs 26g

The Cadbury Starbar is one of the oldest Cadburys bars on the market and comes described as choc nougat,peanuts and rice wrapped in layers of caramel and chocolate.

The bar itself is very substantial and weighs in at 53g. Not surprisingly it's not the best nutritionally, and is rather high in both fat calories.
Taste wise the bar was quite unique, but it did slightly remind me of the Cadburys Boost. Each mouthful started with a nice flavour hit of cadbury chocolate, with the sweet caramel following soon after. Lining the middle of the bar, the nougat was by far the dominant element in the taste, with the peanuts and rice cereal failing to register much of an impression.

Overall I thought this was a bit of disappointing chocolate, and it was one that wasn't all that much to my taste. Personally I didn't think the ingredients mixed all that well, and the nougat pretty much cancelled out the peanuts and rice cereal in the taste. Something that the Chocolate Mission is proving so far, is that sometimes less is more - what I mean by that is that I often found that the better bars are ones that concentrate on just having a single focus in their enhancing flavours. I guess it is still early days though, who knows what the future will bring.

6.0 out of 10

January 30th: Paynes Raisin Poppets

Kcal 152 Fat 5g Carbs 24.8g

This was the final variant of poppets that I had left to try and in truth was the blandest.

The contents of the pack read 50% Milk Chocolate 50% Raisins.

The raisins themselves were well rather flavourless and added little in that department - they added a chewy softness which is what you expect but in truth they were extremely bland.

The milk chocolate coating wasnt too much better - like the toffee variant the 'milk' chocolate was tasteless and rather waxy.

Overall good nutritionally but never going to set the world alight tastewise and really quite poor.
5.0 out of 10

January 29th: Nestle Milkybar

**UPDATE 31.03.10**

The Milkybar Chunky is no longer available. The standard sized bar is the one pictured above.

Kcal 137

Another white chocolate offering and definitely the best so far. This bar came in a 37.0g bar. Admiteddly the wrapper is rather childish, though that is unsurprising given the target market.

Taking the chocolate out the wrapper the bar was easily snappable, and had a smell of sweet fragrant vanilla and had a far more appertising aroma than previous Cadbury and Hershey white chocolate alternatives.

Taste wise it was serisouly sweet, but still maintained a delicious milk and cream based undertone that straight away struck me as superior to both the Cadbuys Dream and Hersheys Cookies n Creme. Despite this being an extremelly sweet chocolate I couldn't help myself but consume the whole thing in one sitting.

Overall I have to admit I am a little biased when it comes to Milkybar and it brings back so many wonderful nostalgic feelings from my childhood. Whilst I will admit that is isn't a high quality white chocolate made from the finest ingrdients, there is something about the sweet, milky taste that makes for a very comforting and enjoyable experience. Without the nostalgic feelings you might be left thinking this is a very average white chocolate, but for me personally it does the job nicely :D

8.5 out of 10

January 28th: Aero Bubbles Peppermint

Kcal 193 Fat 12.3g Fat(sats) 10.8g

These were a pleasant surprise.
They wernt top of my list as most wanting to try as I thought they wouldn’t be substanstial enough but was I wrong!

The bubbles feel light in the pack but when emptied you get an awful lot of them.

In colour they are intresting with the green colour and smell wise they smell as they should...minty.

Texture wise they are similar to a flake if a little lighter; they have a real gradule melt on the tongue feeling and the taste is one of the better mint chocolates avalible.
Overall above all expectations - very nice and looking at its score is challenging for a place in the top 5 of Chocolate Mission

8.6 out of 10

January 27th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut

Kcal 255 Fat 15g

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut was never a bar I bought all that often in my childhood, but had been around since I can remember. The bar comes billed as 'raisins and almonds in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate', and can be found in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from the 50.0g bar I tried for today's review, to the large 230.0g sharing size.

Like the rest of Cadburys' range the wrapper has changed several times down the years. The wrapper you can see above is the one as of August 2010 (I updated this review then!!!), and I personally think it looks pretty great with it's modern matted material feel and clean visual presentation. Although the wrapper has seen significant changes, one thing that has always stayed the same is the fantastic looking chocolate which has always been plentiful in it's fruit and nut protioning.

Fast forwarding to the all important taste test it wont surprise you to hear that I have always really enjoyed the Dairy Milk chocolate. I will hold up my hands and admit I am huge fan of Dairy Milk chocolate. It may not be too everyones taste but I personally delight in the sweet, cream based chocolate flavour hit it so consistently delivers with each bite. The differentiation it has from almost all other chocolates, is something that can't be sniffed at - there is only one Dairy Milk! In terms of this particular variety, both the fruit and nut did manage to come to the party, though I have to say neither were optimal in terms of their input. Taste wise both the raisins and the almonds were not as impactful as other fruit and nut bars I have tasted. That said the almonds were the ingridient with the most cut through, and added a pleasant nuttiness to each and every block where present. In regards to textures I felt both were a little more competent, with the fruit added a unique chewyness and the nuts proving to be fresh and crunchy to the bite.

Overall this was never going to be anything other than a product I enjoyed given that it was predominently made with one of my favourite milk chocolates. Whilst I didn't think the fruit or nut elements were the best as flavour enhancing, neither detracted from my liking of the milk chocolate which was every bit as wonderful as in any other Cadbury. The total bar proved to be a fufilling experience which also adds weight to the case of my recommendation. I may not rate this bar as highly as the likes of the Cadbury Caramel, but I would certainly say it is worth a try if you fancy something a little different from one of our proudest brands.

8.3 out of 10

January 26th: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Kcal 230 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g

Reese's peanut butter cups are an all time classic - A thickish layer of chocolate covers a peanut butter centre - sounds good huh!?

The dividing of the cups was relatively easy and not the messy experience I was expecting. The smell of the cups was gorgeous poignant peanut butter scents emerged as soon as I opened the packet ... yum!
The taste itself was delightfully pleasent, though there wew a few issues. The chocolate was bit on the bland side, and had an odd waxy texture that didn't feel the nicest when melting. With that said, the peanut butter was nothing short of amazing. It was sweet, nutty and with an amazing saltyness that made for an amazingly moreish taste.

Overall despite the disappointing chocolate this was one tasty product. The only better peanut butter chocolate product I have had are the white chocolate cups, which I would have to say are ever so slightly to my preference. These are an all time classic, and I urge you to try them if you have never had the pleasure.

8.0 out of 10

January 25th: Paynes Toffee Poppets

Kcal 203 Fat 8.1g Carbs 30.7g

The third variety of the poppets range proved to be the most disappointing.

The toffee variety is bassically hard chewy toffee encased in milk chocolate. This is slightly different to the other varietys which have what is supposedly dark chocolate. Though different in description the milk choc differs very little from the dark in that it tastes of very little and has a waxy texure.

The toffee is also pretty lacklusture when compared to say Curly Wurly Squrley.

Overall another mere average offering from Paynes. Nothing to get excited about. 

7.2 out of 10

January 24th: Hershey's Cookies n Creme

Kcal 230

When I was younger we used to take annual trips to Florida - first taking in the joys of Disney World, and then on to the more relaxed Florida Keys. One of the things that always reminds me of these trips, is todays bar - the Hershey's Cookies n Creme. Indeed, this bar became a bit of a family favourite down the years, and it even got to the point that my dad used to have to hide a stash of them from me and my sister when we would travel back to the UK. For those who have never seen this bar, it comes described as 'white chocolate with cookie bits in'.

Lightyears on from these family holidays, this bar is still available in both the US and some parts of the UK. Traditionally the Cookie's n Creme bar comes in a 42.0g, which I think is about the perfect format - anything bigger and this bar would get very sickly. The packaging has seen minor changes over the years, but the foil wrapper has never changed from the creme coloured foil material - the nice looking wrapper above is a photograph as of June 2010. Smelling the bar, a raft of sweet milky aromas set expectations for the taste suitably.

In line with the smells, the taste was very sweet yet had a very strong creamy undertone that safeguarded that sugar becoming over bearing in that taste. The cookie bits dispersed generously throughout the bar were a pleasant addition to both taste and texture. When they were chewed they added a nice bit of variety with their crunchy texture, whilst also bringing a salty, Oreo cookie like element to the party flavour wise. In it's entirety the bar itself was verging on tasting quite sickly, though it did manage to cure my chocolate craving.

Overall taking the white chocolate component of this bar in isolation I wouldn't say that it was much different (of for that matter, any better) than the Milkybar we get here in the UK. Indeed, the actual chocolate isn't of a particularly great quality, however the combination of the chocolate and the cookie pieces make for a tasty synergy of ingredients. If you are going to get an enjoyment from this chocolate at all you will have to like your chocolate on the sweet, creamy side of things. My love for this bar is mainly born out of nostalgia, but if you are a white chocolate fan you might want to give it a try.

7.2 out of 10

January 23rd: Galaxy Promises Hazelnuts

Kcal 214 Fat 14.1g

Another bar from the galaxy range that describes itself as a blend of dark and milk chocolate with Hazelnuts.

I do love galaxy chocolate and there is no doubting that chocolate wise this is one tasty bar. The two different types of chocolate blend nicely together and one flavour is not lost on another.

What is disappointing is the lack of hazelnut flavour. For a bar that is supposed to deliver a nutty taste it just fails and the flavour is completely lost in the chocolate.

Overall this bar is let down by the absence of the hazelnut flavour it deserves.

7.2 out of 10

January 22nd: Fruit Flakes Yogurt Raisins

Kcal 133 Fat 5.5g

I have only recenty rediscovered the joy of raisins and these yogurt covered ones I guess can be considered a healthier option to the usual chocolate bar.

In essence they are just raisins coated in a sweet tasting milky flavoured coating which is described as yogurt.

Nutritionally these are low across the board - tastewise they are pleasent and rather moreish. The only downside are their inability to 'fill the gap' so to speak. They arent the most fufilling and one pack does leave you wanting more.

Overall ok but unspectacular, great if you fancy a healtheir option to a candy bar.

5.0 out of 10

January 21st: Paynes Orange Poppets

Kcal 190 Fat 5.5g Carbs 32g

After yesterdays poor showing from the mint variety I wasn’t expecting much from this offering.

Bassically it offered exactly the same as the mint but not suprisingly tasting of orange.

Unfortunately the chocolate was still the same quality I.e. poor and still nothing to write home about. What was suprisingly nice though was the Orange flavoured inside.

It tasted suprisingly fruity and quite refreshing.

Overall these are nutritionally not bad; and definately better than the mint offering. I would even consider having them again.

5.0 out of 10

January 20th: Paynes Mint Poppets

Kcal 185 Fat 5.4g Carbs 33.3g

These didn’t come with the best reputation but werent the worst nutritionally wise so I decided to try them after tonights dinner.

They cost 39p which when you compare to some of my imports which come in at over £1.50 a pack then was really quite cheap.

Unfortunately cheap is a word you could use to describe the taste of the chocolate too. It was supposed to be dark chocolate but just didn't taste of much, providing a mear waxy textured coating. The peppermint inside wasn't too bad - maybe a tad intense but ok tasting. 

Overall not my cup of tea but there will no doubt be worse. 

4.4 out of 10

January 19th: Cadburys Curly Wurly Squirlies

Kcal 205 Fat 7.9g Carbs 31.2g

Woohoo I can now cross another Cadbury product off my 'to review list. These Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies are a variation of the original Curly Wurly and are simply small chewy caramel pieces coated in chocolate.

The caramel isn't the worst - it does taste quite sugary but you would expect that with most caramel bar. Behind the sweetness it does taste nicely buttery and it does melt quite nicely in the mouth with a nice slow chewy consistency. Whereas the caramel was rather tasty I thought the chocolate was pretty disappointing and this was largely down to it not appearing particularly fresh with a very dusty looking surface. The chocolate not only didn't appear fresh but I felt the melt was very grainy for Cadbury chocolate and I was disappointed at how thin it was implemented. The chocolate basically didn't really deliver the desired chocolate flavour hit and failed to leave a lasting chocolaty impression in my mouth. On a more positive note the nutritional values were not bad considering the pack size.

Overall this was no where near the best Cadbury product I have reviewed on this site so far. The real disappointment for me was the chocolate which was not up to the usual Cadbury standard with its laboured, cloying melt and unfresh appearance. This was a shame as the inner chewy caramel was actually very moreish and pleasant.

6.2 out of 10

January 18th: Galaxy Caramel

Kcal 232 Fat 11.6g Carbs 29.6g

After reading a lot of good things about this bar I was expecting a good show - especially considering its nearest rival the Cadbury Caramel had already score 9.4 out of 10 on the ChocolateMission leader board.

For some reason I found tracking down this bar really hard and I had to purchase it from London Victoria station. **Update during 2008 there were some distribution issues on this bar but these are now solved. The bar came in a 48.0g size that was split in to 6 blocks - it divided up nice and easily.

The Chocolate of course being
galaxy was extra creamy and melted superbly in the mouth into a nice soft, thick liquid. The caramel was similarly amazing and tasted of more than just artificial sweet goo you get in most caramel bars. It was rich tasting and buttery and left a longing butterscotch note in the mouth ... simply delicious. The combination of both the chocolate and caramel was perfect with one not out doing the other. I felt the bar was also really quite substantial at 52.0g (**UPDATE - now only 48.0g boo!!) though frankly I reckon I could eat this endlessly given the enjoyment I get from it.

Overall this is up there with the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel and is my joint favourite so far in the Chocolate Mission!! I honestly can't pull the two apart so I will leave that for all you readers to do below in the comments box below. If you are a milk chocolate and caramel lover you simply can't look past this bar as one of the best mass produced options out there on the market. It is fantastic in almost every sense.
9.4 out of 10

January 17th: Cadburys Dream

Kcal 250 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 9.3g Carbs 26.9g

Whenever I think of Cadbury, the first things that spring to mind are the words Dairy Milk, the colour purple and Britishness. Suffice to say white chocolate isn't a think Cadbury are best known for, and having tasted this bar today it is easy to see why. On the wrapper Cadbury bill this bar as being simply 'white chocolate', and it comes in 50.0g form. Speaking of the wrapper it isn't one that I think is that impressive when you compare it to the rest of the Cadbury range. If you look at the rest of the Dairy Milk variants, or any other branded Cadbury bars like the Wispa, I think they all look pretty modern - In my opinion the Dream wrapper looks like it is a generation behind the rest.

Aroma wise despite the bar being contained in a foil wrapper it was noticeably lacking in any telling smells. Unfortunately the taste itself didn't prove to be much better. Compared to even the sweet as you get Milky Bar this chocolate was like a sugar rush I have never tasted before. If white sugar was ever compact in to a bar form, this is probably what it would taste like - I found the taste very sickly just after a few blocks. Looking at the ingredients it was unsurprising to see it comprised of 30.0g of sugar - it was all too much for me.

Overall the Cadbury Dream is not a bar I would recommend, even if you are a fan of your sweet chocolates. Good quality white chocolate is hard to come by, but just as cheap alternatives like the Milky Bar offer a far creamier taste than this pure sugar experience. There are so many better white chocolates out there, it would be silly for you to waste your time and money on this poor one.

5.6 out of 10

January 16th: Galaxy Minstrels

Kcal 215

These came in a convenient 42g bag.

Galaxy chocolate is amongst my favourite and generally I like most Galaxy products. These however I must say were disappointing though.

The taste seemed to pass me by and the sugary shells seemed to overly dominate the creamy flavours of the chocolate meaning that the usual Galaxy experience wasn't really delivered.

Overall there is no doubting the credentials of Galaxy chocolate, but the chocolate flavour hit just simply wasn't strong enough here. Nutritionally they aren't bad but there are better lighter options out there. These were a forgettable offering that did little in terms of impact in the search for the worlds best chocolate. Galaxy chocolate just really isn't suited to being sugar coated.

5.6 out of 10

January 15th: Daim Bar

Kcal 167 Fat 8g

The Daim bar comes described as 'a hard caramel centre coated in milk chocolate' and it comes in bar sized 28.0g.

The hard caramel centre was quite brittle and broke easily when bitten in to. The centre itself was nice nice tasting and had a strong note of burnt caramel. I would say that the taste is quite acquired, and I would say the hint of almond may not be to everyone's liking. The outer chocolate was of a fair standard, though to be honest it had little say in the overall taste which was majoritly led by the inner caramel.

Overall whilst this was a great tasting bar and is good nutritionally, I unfortunately didn't find it in any manner substantial enough to challenge for the upper tier of chocolate mission.

6.0 out of 10

January 13th: Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups

Kcal 220 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 22.0g)

These have been a favourite of mine for a long time and I have imported them several times before from ebay. Billed simply as 'white chocolate flavoured cups with a peanut butter filling' these came in a pack of two which weighed 42.0g.

One thing I always love about Reese's products is the way the nutty smells always make themselves known when you open the packet. As usual they made themselves immediatedly apparent when I slit open the foil wrapper.
The white chocolate I have to admit wasn't the best quality ever but the cream based, sweet milk flavours were nicely forthcoming and led for a smooth flowing dairy taste. What I loved about these white cups so much was the way the outer chocolate and the peanut butter combined to produce one of the most sinfully enjoyable creamy, salty, sweet nutty tastes going. The contrast in the sweet creamy flavours of the chocolate and the nutty inner filling was nothing other than delicious - I savoured every last bite.

Overall these white cups have to go down as my favourite Reese's product I have tried yet. I happen to think that Reese's milk chocolate is pretty poor, so I was pleased that the white chocolate made for such a phenomenal synergy with the inner peanut butter. Granted, this wasn't white chocolate in it's grandest form, but it was still delicious nonetheless. This is one of the best things I have reviewed on chocolate mission thus far.

9.0 out of 10

January 12th: Hershey's Zero Bar

Kcal 240 Fat 9g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 36g

The Hershey's Zero bar comes described as 'almond and peanut flavoured nougat, topped with caramel and covered in white fudge'. I think you will agree in the context of Hershey's other portfolio offerings, the Zero bar stands out as one of their more unique offerings - I was really excited to try it.

UPDATE July 2010: The bar used in the photopgraphs above was provided to me by YankeeSoda & Candy - (See Website HERE). I hope you will agree that the wrapper was just as distinctive looking as the bar itself, and I liked the fact it nicely differentiated itself by leaving the Hershey branding off. Although my photograph has probably failed to do it justice, the bar looked very appetising, with the white coating nicely contrasting with the darker coloured inner fillings.

When it came to the taste, the white fudge coating was white chocolate like in terms of it's flavour delivery, and it quickly established a pleasant initial creamy taste. Having put in the bar in the fridge for a while before consuming it, the nougat was nice and firm which meant it's nutty flavours could be savoured for all that much longer. The small nut pieces within in the nougat brought a pleasant crunchy element to the textures, whilst the peanuts delivered a delightful lick of salt that complimented the sweet caramel superbly. Eaten in it's entriety the bar was very satisfying.

Overall I felt that the flavour balance in this bar was very well done, with the outer sweet fudge and more savoury tasting inner nuts constituents contrasting nicely with one another. Off the top of my head I can't think of another bar that delivers quite the same experience that this Zero bar does. If you are a fan of white chocolate, nuts and caramel it is pretty much a given that this is a bar you will really enjoy. It may not be the most cost effective bar for us here to enjoy in the UK, but I would certainly recommend it as one of Hershey's finer offerings.

8.2 out of 10

January 11th: Cadbury Crunchie

Kcal 185 Fat 7.5g Carbs 28g

Before I kick off this review I have to admit that up until a few weeks ago I had no love for this bar whatsoever.

The reason I wasn't such a big fan of it was because in the past I didn't not enjoy the toughness of the honeycomb filling, but having eaten this bar for the time in fair few years again today my opinion has changed somewhat.
The honey centre felt slightly chewier and moister than what I had previously experienced. The honeycomb felt less brittle in the mouth and this allowed the sweet honey flavours to a) last longer in the mouth and b) mix with the creamy outer chocolate that much better. Although longer lasting the honeycomb still melted on the tongue at a nice rate and the outer Dairy Milk chocolate coating similarly melted with delightful softness allowing the full expression of it's sweet, creamy flavours.

Overall not only is this a bar low in calories and fat in compared to others but it is also high in taste. I wont say it is going to be one of the highest rated bars I am ever going to review but as an option to have every now and then I would recommend it. I certainly wont be leaving it as long before I tuck into another Cadbury Crunchie.

8.6 out of 10