February 29th: Snickers Almond

Kcal 230 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 4g Carbs 32g

Its amazing how many more varieties of our favourite brands you get over the pond in the US and today I bring you yet another variant from the Snickers range. On the wrapper this bar comes described as 'nougat with caramel, whole almonds, covered in a milk chocolate coating'.

In terms of the packaging I liked how the Snickers branding was kept the main point of focus, and I was pleased with the creme colours that surrounded it, as it made it nicely differentiated from the Snickers norm. When I cut in to the bar the size of the almond pieces were noticeably large amongst the caramel, and I was met with a strong smell of nuts, which is always a good sign when opening a nut-flavoured bar.

Biting in to the bar, the chocolate coating was of course the first thing to register on the taste buds, and is fast established a decent amount of creamy cocoa flavours. Unlike most variants of Snickers, the nougat in this bar was not the dominating ingredient. As the picture shows above the nougat layer was actually rather thin in comparison to the standard Snickers. To be honest this was really quite fortunate, as the taste of the nougat was forgettable in almost ever sense. Fortunately this bar really came into it's own in the caramel and whole almonds layer, which was spread generously above the nougat. The caramel was sweet and buttery in taste, and contrasted nicely with the more savoury nuts. The almonds themselves benefitted hugely from being implemented whole instead of in a chopped fashion, as it helped them establish their mild nutty flavours in more concentrated fashion. Despite being slightly smaller than the standard Snickers, I thought this was decently sized snack, though it obviously wasn't quite as satisfying as the normal bar.

Overall I wouldn't ever make habit of buying this almond variant over my original Snickers bar, but this that is predominantly a consequence of my general preference of peanuts over almonds. Amongst the core constituents, the caramel, almond and chocolate elements of this bar were superb, with the only slight let down being the flavourless nougat. The poor quality nougat was a little puzzling given that Mars make the very tasty 3 Musketeers, but in the grand scheme of things it didn't really spoil the bar for me in any manner. If you look at the ChocolateMission leaderboard you will see that the original Snickers is amongst my all time favourites. I wouldn't say this Almond is quite as accomplished as that bar, but it is definitely a nice option to have if you something a little different.

8.4 out of 10

February 28th: Galaxy Promises Caramel

Kcal 215 Fat 12.2g Carbs 22.1g

This bar was certainly tricky tracking down and as far as im aware it is now out of distribution so good luck finding it folks...you will have to take my word for it :)

The Galaxy Promises Caramel follows the same premise as its hazelnut variant I reviewed a few weeks ago. The bar is compromised of Galaxy dark chocolate beneath a layer of Galaxy milk chocolate; this caramel version contained crystallised caramel flavoured bits similar to the Green & Blacks bar I reviewed a few days ago. These were distributed amongst the upper milk chocolate layer.

The bar came in a standard 40g size and split into 8 handy triangle shaped parts. Upon opening the bar I was met with the great aroma of Galaxy chocolate yum yum!

The chocolate being galaxy was inevitably sublime: as with the hazelnut variety the fusion of the dark and milk chocolate is managed excellently, the balance is just right and it provides an ultimately splendid variety of flavours.

Despite the excellence of the chocolate the actual flavouring of the bar is where it lets itself down. The caramel bits are a nice addition and are actually more flavoursome than the ones found in the similar Green & Blacks bar. The problem is that Mars were not generous enough with the caramel specks and as a result they are overpowered and lost in the rich chocolate.

Overall there is no doubt this is one great tasting bar. As I have said the chocolate is excellent however the actual flavouring of the bar is certainly a let down. If the Caramel element were more prominent this definitely would have been up there with the best of them. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like an issue that will ever be sorted and it seems Mars have pulled this bar from the market :( ... disappointing in a product that has such potential.

7.6 out of 10

February 27th: Hersheys with Almonds

Kcal 230 Fat 13.2g Fat(sats) 6.6g Carbs 21.4g

This is one of the very few Hershey's bars you can buy here in the UK, though as far as I am aware, packaging aside it is no different to its US equivalent. I did some further research and have actually found that currently this bar is out of distribution in the US at present, and is only available in Europe and Canada :S rather puzzling to say the least.

The bar came in a standard 40g serving. The bar divided up easily into ten handy chunks as you can see above. Upon opening the bar I did not get anything more than small sweet chocolate aroma that you would expect from opening any sort of chocolate bar - not slight smell of nuttyness; never a good sign.

The bar describes itself as 'creamy milk chocolate with Almonds' - and upon tasting the bar you could tell it was certainly different from your standard Hershey's chocolate. Although I understand standard Hershey's chocolate isn’t to everyone’s taste, unfortunately the different type they use in this bar is pretty poor. The chocolate is actually rather flavourless which is really quite a stark contrast to the uniqueness you normally experience in terms of taste with Hershey's. I would personally much prefer the standard Hershey's milk chocolate rather than this 'creamy' variant.

Moving onto the almonds in the bar I must unfortunately report these were also rather a disappointment. The almonds offered very little aside from a light crunch, and similar to the chocolate offered next to nothing in taste. Like most chocolate bars with almonds I cant help but feel it would have been more suitable using the more unique tasting hazelnuts.

Overall a bar you could certainly miss out on - it offers little in terms of strong flavours and it has to be said by Hershey's high standards this is rather poor.

5.0 out of 10

February 25th: Green & Black's Butterscotch

Kcal 212 Fat 12.4g Fat(sats) 7.5g Carbs 21.4g

In the UK Green & Blacks are positioned as a brand that is a slightly premium offering to the likes of Cadbury, Galaxy etc. The wrappers have recently undergone a change to a more colourful representation (2010 update) so I will spare you my thoughts on the brown coloured horrid thing you see above. On the wrapper this bar came billed as 'milk chocolate with crunchy toffee pieces' which sounded like a wonderful proposition to me. For the purpose of this review I sampled this handy 35.0g serving bar that was split into several small squares. I consumed the bar over a single sitting alongside a nice cup of coffee.

Upon opening the bar I was met with a mixture of sweet cocoa and caramel scents that provided an alluring and realistic expectation of the taste to follow. Despite the toffee pieces spread throughout the bar still broke quite evenly - the mini sized blocks weren't perfect, but about two provided a comfortable mouthful.

The 34% milk chocolate was decent enough flavour wise and fast established a sweet concoction of milk and cocoa flavours in my mouth. It wasn't remarkable in any sense, but it was of a decent enough quality and allowed expression of the toffee pieces that dispersed throughout. Speaking of the butterscotch flavour integration, like the chocolate it was good yet unspectacular. The toffee pieces weren't all that visible to the naked eye but they certainly could be felt texture wise as they provided a crunchy element to each mouthful. The sweet caramel flavours were tasty, but were unfortunately short lived and they failed to leave a lasting flavour impression in my mouth.

Overall this was a nice tasting chocolate but it had a frustrating moreishness about that didn't leave me feeling at that satisfied. Green & Black's milk chocolate is no doubt of a slightly better than average quality, but at the same time I wouldn't say there is anything so special about that makes it stand out as offering significantly more taste wise for it to justify it's premium price. The butterscotch element to this bar was very taste, however compared to a toffee bar like the Daim bar it lacked the longevity and flavour impact to make it a truly special offering. I would happily have this bar again if I was offered, but I'm not too sure I would go out and buy it again so soon.

7.6 out of 10

February 24th: Reese's Crispy Crunch

Kcal 260 Fat 15g Fat(sats) 5g Carbs 26g

According to some of the US candy websites I read this Crispy Crunch bar is Reese's answer to the Nestle Butterfinger which I reviewed a few weeks back. In terms of size the bar looks much smaller than it's Nestle equivalent, though it still weighed in at generous sounding 48.0g. Looks wise the bar looks similar in appearance to the Cadbury Picnic, with nuts prominently sticking out the chocolate coating. On the wrapper the bar is billed as consisting of a 'crispy peanut butter wafer, topped with peanut butter and coated in chocolate and nuts' - this sounded like a winning combination to me.

From the very first bite this bar was bursting with nutty flavours, and was evidently not half as sweet tasting as the Butterfinger. The peanut butter flavours that came through in this bar far outclassed that of the sugary centered Butterfinger, and the usual Reese's sweet and salty peanut flavours created a marvellous taste. Combined, the upper peanut butter layer and whole nuts in the chocolate coating also add some interesting contrasting textures to the mix - the smoothness of the salty peanut butter layer blended well the crunchiness of the wholenuts delivering a variety of different mouthfeel sensations, whilst also leaving a strong nutty taste in the mouth. As ever with Reese's products the chocolate wasn't the strong point of the product, but this bar was really more about the peanut constituents so this slight blemish can as ever been excused.

Overall I probably shouldn't have been given my love for Reese's products, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this bar. When I read that it was Reese's version of the Buterfinger I was worried the same overly sweet type experience awaited me, but this bar has such distinctive nutty flavours it took the experience to levels that the Butterfinger only wished it could. If you like your Reese's products this is yet another offering of theirs I would highly recommend.

8.1 out of 10

February 23rd: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Caramel

Kcal 190 Fat 10g Fat(sats) 5g Carbs 24g

This variant of the Reese's range incorporates your standard Reese's cups with a layer of caramel beneath the peanut butter. Anyone who has been reading this blog will b aware that the Dairy Milk/Galaxy Caramel bars are leading the way at present; this variant should at least be challenging them then right!?

The chocolate was the same you find in any Reese's product - not the best and a tad on the waxy side but overall passable in a bar that really focuses on the flavour beneath the chocolate.

The caramel was similar in appearance and texture to the caramel you get in Dairy Milk/Galaxy bars however the taste fell well below their standard. The caramel has far less taste and rather than adding a distinctive caramel flavour it just makes the bar overly sweet tasting to the point where even the slight saltyness of Peanut Butter is overwhelmed.

Overall the caramel makes this way way too sweet and I cant say I would reccomend going out your way to get hold of this variant in the range. This is probaby the weakest in the Resse's Cups range and I would urge you to think twice before choosing it over any of the others. Disappointing.
7.0 out of 10
*Thanks to www.typetive.com/candyblog for the pictures

February 22nd: Twix Java

Kcal 280 Fat 15g Fat(sats) 11g Carbs 36g

If your anything like me you like to start each morning with a black coffee to get the day off to a good start - for some its even a necessity.

Coffee in chocolate though??? Until now I would have been hard pushed to name any sort of coffee flavoured chocolate bar - let alone a good standard one. But don't worry the good people at Mars have saved the day in the form of the limited edition Twix Java. The Java replaces your conventional Twix caramel layer with a good lashing of coffee flavoured caramel. Similar to the Twix PB I reviewed earlier this month the bar does not have the standard Twix shortbread biscuit but has the 'cookie' base which is basically the same but just chocolate flavoured.

Before opening the bar I was a tad worried; I was expecting a strong aroma of Coffee but this was not the case. The bar had a slight sweet smell from the chocolate but that aside there no indication of coffee whatsoever. Upon biting into the bar this all changed and the coffee flavor comes through strongly against the delicious chocolate and cookie base. The coffee flavour is distinctive yet manages to remain sweet and not bitter like I think some people would expect it to. Simply delicious!

Its a hard decision but im going to rate this just below the Caramel bars which are currently winning on the chocolate mission. The reason for this is down to the chocolate. Although the coffee flavour is absolutely genious the chocolate coating isnt the best chocolate around - if this was a bar coated in Dairy Milk or Galaxy we would be having a new leader right now!

Overall this is a great tasting bar that I cant compliment enough; I urge you to get hold of one its that good. It takes pride of place in the top bars.

8.9 out of 10

February 21st: Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

Kcal 269 Fat 15.8g Carbs 27.5g

I generally avoid Kit Kats as they are a tad heavy on the wafer side, and anyones who read my blog before will know im really no big fan of wafers. This bar is your standad Kit Kat Chunky with a layer of peanut butter running along the top between the wafer and chocolate coating.

Upon opening the bar I got a really strong aroma of peanut butter which was really quite pleasent. Of Course though the taste was what was important here ;)

The chocolate was standard Nestle quality and was actually quite nice in that it was not overly sweet and generally just nice tasting. The peanut butter itself wasnt half bad either; it was a bit more gooey and smooth than the peanut butter you get in Reese's. On the balance of things I would at a push have to say I prefer the latter, though this is more down to personal preference rather than quality ... rest assured the Kit Kat Peanut butter was still resoundingly pleasent. It must also be considered that although I do prefer the Reese's peanut butter, the chocolate you get from the Nestle product is a better standard than you get with any Reese's product. 

Overall this was a tasty bar and is one that I would really reccommend you try. It is one of the better bars I have had tried on Chocolate Mission so far, however it dosent still quite hit the level of the Dairy Milk & Galaxy Caramel bars.

8.5 out of 10

*Thanks to www.chocablog.com for the pictures

February 20th: Fry's Chocolate Cream

Kcal 210 Fat 7g Carbs 35g

This bar has a rich heritage and is considered an all time classic due it first being producded in the 1866 (thanks Alan :D ). Despite being branded as Fry's these bars are actually part of the Cadburys portfolio. The bar describes itself as dark chocolate with a fondant centre and weighs in at a hefty 50g.

The Chocolate is described as 'Dark' and is indeed a bit more bitter than your standard Milk chocolate. Unfortunately I found that it wasn't that distinctive, and eventually rather forgettable. The white fondant centre was extremely sickly as it tasted so so sweet. Honestly the fondant had a taste that I can only describe as sugary, which eventually became quite unpleasent after only a few mouthfulls.

Overall this is a bar I would really not reccommend - I have had so many better in the last few weeks and this has to go down as of the poorest. The chocolate is nothing special and the fondant centre is overly sweet and sickly. Probably best to avoid.

4.6 out of 10

February 19th: Cadbury Wispa

Kcal 210 Fat 12.9g Fat(sats) 8.1g Carbs 25g

Though now technically out of distribution again, if you look hard enough Wispas can still be found hiding on shop shelves. Avoiding the relaunch hype I only recently tracked one of these down (today) and have some strong opinions on the bar after eating it.

For those who dont know Wispas have been replaced by the Cadburys bubbly...a bar which I reviewed just over a week ago. I felt the bubbly was a good bar but just lacked a real USP...I thought it was just airated chocolate...but good chocolate at that.

To think differently about Wispa would be...well...absolute madness as its exactly the same bar just packaged and formed slightly differently.

I know this view is a tad contreversial and many people will feel that im not doing it justice but nostalgic feelings aside this is just dairy milk chocolate with bubbles in....I must stress this is neither something that should change or be scoffed at.

The Wispa is good at what it does..it gives you that chocolate hit thats ever so nice whilst providing an intresting texture to boot. Apart from this though it does very little in establishing itself as 'something special'....which is exactly what we are looking for here at 'The Chocolate Mission'.

Overall the Wispa will always be a bar that provides us all with good nostalgic feelings about our childhood whislt at the same time giving us a good chocolate hit. However I think to say it is the best chocolate bar out there is an exaggeration. Don't get me wrong I think this is a great chocolate bar, but personally I believe there are better crafted and flavour blended chocolates out there on the market.

I have had quite alo of criticism for this review, I must stress these ratings are only my opinion! This means my POV may or may not be shared with others and is not a general concensous. It would be great to get some thoughts on this...so please comment away

8.2 out of 10

February 18th: Reese's Pieces

Kcal 220 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 26g

Reese's Pieces have been around for many decade. They are most famous recently due to a clever product placement marketing ploy in the ET film in the early 90s which saw a massive surge in their popularity. These were another of my imports from America costing just over £1.20 in total and are currently not available in the UK.

Reese's pieces are none to dissimilar to smarties in appearance and size, though slightly smaller than the peanut butter M&Ms I reviewed in early January. These came in a handy 43g bag which was just the right amount; anymore and these probably would have been a little sickly.

The crispy outer shell compliments the peanut butter well; the lack of chocolate certainly makes sure the flavours aren't over complicated and the two flavour dynamic works well. One of my gripes with the Peanut Butter M&Ms was that the chocolate and sugar coating over powered the peanut butter taste but this is not the case with Reese's pieces and you are left with a strong aftertaste of peanut butter... YUM YUM!! :)

Overall a great product from Reese's which I highly recommend; more so than the Peanut Buttter M&Ms which you may have gathered. These have a pride of place in the top 5 at present.

9.0 out of 10

February 17th: Cadbury Picnic

*** UPDATE *** 03/01/11

New wrapper added

Kcal 225 Fat 11.2g Carbs 27.1g

It is no exaggeration saying this bar has a bit of everything - peanuts, raisins, rice crispies and caramel all coated in Cadburys milk chocolate ... that enough for ya!?

As you can see above the bar is lumpy in appearance, as if it has been thrown together rather than being beautifully crafted. Suffice to say it wouldn't win any looks contests - in comparison to some of the Guylian bars I have been reviewing recently it does look rather embarrassing and cheap to say the least. Being a bit more positive about matters, the wrapper is at least quite exciting, and communicates the contents quite well. .

As uninspiring as the bar looked it is taste where it counts, but unfortunately the aesthetic appearance was quite insightful. The bar produced a wide range of flavours - some mouthfuls literally overwhelmed my tastebuds with nutty, fruity, caramelly flavours all coming through, however on the contrary some mouthfuls were rather dull and could be nothing more than described as chewy with little or no flavour (this was mostly where just the plain rice was involved!!).

Overall I have to say I have had nothing like the Cadburys Picnic before! Mouthfuls ranged from brilliant to mundane. This leaves me with the overriding feeling that with a bit of extra TLC and craft (and maybe the loss of the rice), this bar would benefit greatly and be better than the average rating it is getting. As I have said before as with the Cadburys Starbar...sometimes less is more.

6.2 out of 10

February 16th: Reese's Whipps

Kcal 230 Fat 9g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 34g

On the wrapper this bar promises it constains 40% less fat than any other standard 50g chocolate bar…oh joy ;) Saying this the bar still contains 230 Kcal which is hardly the lowest your going to find...anyway...

This is much the same idea as Fast break bar which I reviewed last weekend, though there are a few slight differences. Firstly the nougat is peanut butter flavoured, secondly, instead of a thick layer of peanut butter sitting directly on top, the Whipps has a thin layer of PB running all the way round.

When it comes to taste it was similar style to the Fast Break, with the chocolate coating getting completely lost in the chewy nougat. Conversely the nougat had a far more distinct creamy nutty flavour which was far more flavoursome than its counterpart. The thin layer of peanut butter between the nougat and the chocolate coating did a nice job of keeping the centre stuck to the coating, however it failed in delivering a powerful flavour hit. The lacking of a peanut butter flavour burst was a tad disappointing and ultimately inhibited this bar from scoring higher on the rating system.

Overall the Whipps bar was surprising in that it was a more flavoursome product than the Fast break. Unfortunately it still lacked the real standout peanut butter delivery that was needed for it to be considered amongst the higher end of the scoring system. On a more positive slant it was still relatively tasty and did a decent enough job fulfilling my hunger. Importing it to the UK will be expensive, but it is probably worth a try if you are a real Reese's nut.

7.4 out of 10

February 15th: Guylian Orange Truffle Bar

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Carbs ???

This is bar is no longer in distribution so I waited until a choclate orange craving to try this.

As the people at Chocablog.com so duly noted when they reviewed this bar it does look amazing - the marble top finish makes it look ultra classy and the decorative sea shells make this look particularly stunning.

The bar itself is split into 4 segments each filled with a orange truffle creme encased in a dark chocolate coating. The taste matches the looks and despite the orange flavour not being quite as strong as one might hope, the chocolate is sublime and the truffle filling silky smooth.

Overall if these was mission to find the 'best looking bar' this would be winning hands down. Although not quite living up to highs of the Galaxy & Dairy Milk Caramel bars the taste is hardly disappointing either. One of the best I have tried so far. Good stuff from the people at Guylian.

8.5 out of 10
*Credit to www.chocoablog.com for the pictures

February 14th: Nestle Butterfinger

Kcal 270 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 43g

This bar came described as a 'centre of peanut butter crunch coated in thick chocolate' - given my love for all things PB I was greatly anticipating it.

A £2 import later from the US and today this became a reality. In regards to appearance the bar looked very large but I didn't think much of the wrapper due to it's cheap plastic feel. Aroma wise the bar didn't smell as strongly as Reese's peanut butter products, but it smelt decent enough with it's mild nut scents.
As soon as I opened the plastic packet it was immediately apparent that the texture of the centre was very unique in that it looked almost wafer like in appearance. Annoyingly the chocolate flaked off when I bit into the bar and even worse it was completely insignificant when it came to the taste. To be honest I can;t actually recall the flavours it added, as they just got lost in the dominance of the inner peanut butter centre. The center tasted nothing like I was expecting ( which was a creamy smooth peanut butter experience), and only generated some very mild peanut butter flavours. Instead I found the taste was dominated by sugar, which wasn't all that surprising when I looked at the ingredients list of the wrapper. Indeed on closer inspection I found that the bar contained 43.0g worth of Carbs - 30.0g of which were pure sugar!

Overall I thought this bar was underwhelming to say the least, and I cant quite understand why it comes with such a cult following of people who think its utterly brilliant. Personally I thought it was a real disappointment - but I'm glad to have finally tried it. I don't expect I will be having this bar again in the near future and I wouldn't recommend it to my readers. Unlike I was predicting this doesn't trouble the top 5.

6.6 out of 10

February 13th: Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Milk

Kcal 241 Fat 14.2g Carbs 25.5g

Despite the poor offering from the white chocolate Divine bar I decided to give the milk chocolate variant a try. Although this bar was not half as bad as the 'sawdust-like' texture offering of the white bar, I still had some particular issues with it.

The packaging describes this as 'heavenly' chocolate which would suggests it should have something luxurious to distinguish itself. Unfortnately this element seems to be lacking somewhat and what you are left with is a distinctly average non descript chocolate bar that you would expect from an Own label supermarket chocolate.

Its by no mean offensive - just not 'heavenly' in any disciputure. The 26% cocoa is a fair indication that nothing special could be expected from this offering.

Overall you would expect more from a bar that has a price point of 80p; the fairtrade stamp dosent justify that alone.

7.1 out of 10

February 12th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

Kcal 205 Fat 11.2g Fat(sats) 7.6g Carbs 22.1g

The Cadbury Dairy Milk 'Bubbly' is a no frills bar which incorporates everything you would find in your standard Dairy Milk, but with the promise of offering just a little bit more in the texture department. On the surface of things, this bar is extremely similar to what you get from a Cadbury Wispa - some people would say it was entirely the same aside from the format of the bar. This bar weighed in at 38.0g vs the 50.0g of the normal Dairy Milk.

Of course with the chocolate itself being just plain Dairy milk, this was no bad thing. As per usual the chocolate was delightfully creamy flavour, and the sweet cocoa flavours came through nicely as the melt developed. The bubbly texture brought an interesting melting sensation when melting on the tongue, though it obviously meant that each block lasted a far shorter duration in the mouth. Although aerated the bar was still relatively filling and quite rich, in comparison despite only weighing 38g compared to the standard 50g Dairy Milk.Because of this I felt the bar wasn't as satisfying as a normal Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

Overall this was another solid showing from Cadbury, though it has to be said it isn't one of their most innovative of products. It is a fine tasting chocolate bar but it's lack of USP (Unique Selling Point) holds it back from troubling the the top 5 on ChocolateMission.

7.9 out of 10

February 11th: Divine Fairtrade Chocolate White

Kcal 243 Fat 13.6g Carbs 27.2g

I had never had any 'Divine' fairtrade products before so today I opted for the white 45g bar.

The bar was split into 6 substanstial generous chunks which all had slight groves across the top.

The bar was slightly fragrant of vanilla but had no real strong smell. The label read - 26% Cocoa solids with 'real vanilla'.
Sadly these proportions do not bring a strong flavour to the bar and it leaves the bar being rather tasteless. Some mouthfulls felt like actually chewing sawdust with no flavour whatsoever - which although is probably better than the sickly sweet sugar barrage you get with most white chocolate (Cadburys Dream). Ultimately it meant that this bar is rather boring and lifeless.

Overall I was really disappointed, not the worst but by no means the best white chocolate around - milkybar still leads the way for White chocolate.

5.9 out of 10

February 10th: Mars Delight / Galaxy Senzi

Kcal 222 Fat 13.4g

***UPDATE*** 11/03/2010 ****

Special thanks to ChocolateMission reader Alan who sent me this Galaxy Senzi bar which is pictured above. Galaxy Senzi is simply the name given to the Mars Delight in the Middle East. I personally didn't think that it tasted any different - has anyone else tried one of these bars!? I wonder why they made it part of the Galaxy range and not the Mars range in this region?? Let me know what you think.


I guess in a way this is Mars' answer to the Kinder Bueno. It's similar in that it is a milk chocolate coated wafer encasing a crème type filling. The only difference really is that this Mars Delight has a caramel creme, and the Kinder Bueno of course has a hazelnut flavoured creme.

The bar is divided in two already and dividing it up further wasn’t too hard or messy (always a bonus).

The mars chocolate was rather nice and although not being a wafer fan I thought it was surprisingly tasty as it had just a hint of honeycomb. The creme filling tasted creamy and had a slight tinge of sweet caramel. The size of the bar was about right - no complaints there.
Overall I would say this is on a par with the Kinder Bueno. I don't know if it will be everyones cup of tea as I could see not everyone enjoying the honeycomb wafer rather than a biscuit based one. Not quite challenging for the top 5 but I would still give it a try if I were you.

8.2 out of 10