March 31st: Aero Caramel

Kcal 210 Fat 11.2g Carbs 25g

This bar came in a 42g serving that was seperated into six sections. I say seperated, though in actual fact the surface of the chocolate was merely indented slightly and the caramel ran the whole way through the bar; this proved to be rather messy when I tried to split the bar into its six setions. The bar itself has two seperate layers composed of a base of bubbly airated chocolate with a thick helping of golden caramel running above it; all this of course is coated in a milk chocolate coating. The base of the bar is really quite pleasent, it is consistant with other Aero bars and has that delighful melt on the tongue feel that ensures a smooth pleasent initial chocolate flavour. 

The chocolate itself is pretty standard Nestle milk chocolate...not at all bad and due to its pleasent melting aspect its really quite enjoybale. By far and away the strongest flavour of this bar is of course the caramel; which is quite literally packed in to the brim. The bar I had was so packed that the rather thin chocolate shell was broken in a couple of places and the caramel was oozing out all over the inside of the wrapper - hardly the most appealing and annoyingly messy. The caramel flavour itself was honestly not the best I have tasted. Due to its sheer volume and sugaryness it quickly became rather sickly and after only three blocks (half a bar!!) I really felt like eating no more. Due to the nature of the research I did finish the bar but by the last block the taste was really quite monotomous and not one I was particularly enjoying.

Overall the actual Aero aspect of this bar (the airated base) was really quite pleasent and I can see how this would appeal to many. Unfortunately the actual caramel aspect of this bar is quite poor in comparison to others I have tasted during Chocolate Mission. This bar would benefit from having a little less caramel thats taste is more concentrated and flavoursome like comparative Galaxy/Dairy Milk bars. Worth a try if your a diehard fan of Aero but if not I would reccomend other Caramel bars above this one. 

7.3 out of 10

March 30th: Terry's Caramel Bite

Kcal 282 Fat 14.4g Fat(sats) 7.8g Carbs 34g

Terry's is a brand is most associated with the Chocolate Orange, and even I wasn't aware of the existence of this product until I found it in my local newsagents a few weeks ago. Terry's Caramel Bite was obviously a bit of a flash in the pan as a quick google search did not produce much in the way of relevant results aside from a few other reviews from other sites.

The bar came split into two equal sized sections both weighing 28g each - on pack it is described as 'A biscuit base with caramel coated in a milk chocolate and rice layer'. As you can see from the picture above the bar is layered quite nicely and the proportioning of each of the main ingredients: the chocolate caramel and biscuit is well balanced.

Biting into the bar the chocolate coating had a rather waxy texture very similar to the feel of Reese's chocolate. This wasn't such a good thing and the chocolate itself was rather anonymous in flavour, although what was pleasant was the extra crispy element of the rice which compensated slightly for the lack of taste. The biscuit base was really rather good. The biscuit in taste was very similar to the flavour of a Bourbon biscuit and despite the moistness of the caramel layer above it still maintained a certain crunch.

The most forthcoming element was the caramel layer, which unfortunately wasn't all that good. I have had so many good quality caramel products during the Chocolate Mission but this unfortunately fell short of being on par. The caramel was extremely sweet tasting and very similar in taste to the caramel you would find in cheap supermarket ice cream sauces....very very sugary and extremely sickly.

Overall this is a bar is a real mixed bag. The biscuit base is excellent, and is a really nice touch that I'm sure would work well in many other bars. Unfortunately the chocolate is rather average and the caramel is way too synthetic and sweet tasting for even the most sweet toothed person. On the plus side eating the whole product in one sitting did prove to be quite fulfilling. However, whilst I'm glad I have tried it I wouldn't tell you to go out your way to track one down. This part of the market is already quite congested, and this is just another average offering.

7.0 out of 10

March 29th: Hershey's New York Cheesecake Kisses

Kcal 190 Fat 12g Fat(sats) 7g

These were another import from the US and these really chaught my eye for two reasons 1) I love cheesecake and 2) I love chocolate...surely the combination of both would be heaven!?

The pack I ordered contained 5 large kisses which weighed in at 36g. This dosent sound like much but in stature the Kisses looked large and were alot bigger than compared to the standard sized kisses you normally get in the huge bags. A good size serving in my opinion.

The kisses had no distinct smell when unwrapped from their original packaing but this soon changed after biting into one of them. In a smell that I can aliken only to slightly gone off milk these really did not smell that appertising. The smell of the bars is something that I normally do not take much notice of; but the smell that eminated from these was so poignant and unusual that it was really rather off putting.

The Kisses were each about half full of white creme which thankfully didnt taste as they smelt. Though avoiding tasting like sour milk they had a very sugary sweet taste that had a slight twang of yogurt. flavourwise it wasnt really my cup of tea and was far too sickly and synthetic tasting - I really wasnt too impressed. The chocolate that covered the centre wasnt at all bad and although dominated by the filling was a nice background flavour.

Overall I am left really quite disappointed. This really is a case of a product sounding better than it is - the way that the cheesecake is presented really dosent do it any justice and the smell of the creme centre is enough to put a person off alone. Certainly not the worst product I have reviewed on Chocolate Mission but definately the most disappointing in terms of my expectations.

6.1 out of 10

March 28th: Nestle Yorkie Bar Raisin & Biscuit

Kcal 330 Fat 17.4g Fat(sats) 11.1g Carbs 39.7g

Firstly apologies for a lack of update yesterday - I worked late and subsequently didn't get time to have any chocolate...shocking yes I know.Following on from the Original Yorkie bar the other day I thought it best if I finish off the current range so today I opted to munch by way through a Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit - this variant includes pieces of shortbread like biscuit and of course raisins. This bar although exactly the same size as the original bar weighs in slightly less at 61g which is obviously accounted for by the lighter biscuit and raisins.

The bar was similarly split into five massive chunks though these did not break cleanly as the inclusion of the raisins weakened the bar in sporadic places...this meant unfortunately that the bar broke off in rather unfortunate sizes...some huge and some titchy - not overly impressive. Smell wise there was no evidence of the added ingredients; nothing that I could detect anyway, and it merely had the same slight chocolaty smell of the original.

Though distributed quite generously throughout the bar the raisins had little or no effect on the actual taste. In essence all they mostly did was add a rather random chewy texture which I honestly didn't enjoy overly. The biscuit pieces were also quite generously dispersed; and although adding a slightly cereal type taste I found them to be too light in actual constituents to add a meaningful flavour or texture. The chocolate was of the same standard of the original bar and there was no evident difference - a little uninspiring.

Overall this bar was slightly disappointing in my eyes. Due to its large nature, like the original variant, it will fill many an empty stomach and will leave the consumer in that instance quite happy. However that taste is really not as forthcoming as it should be and despite not ruining the bar in any manner its simply not as flavoursome as you would should be bursting with a fruity/biscuity hit but I feel it really falls short of its potential.

7.3 out of 10

March 26th: Nestle Yorkie Bar Original

Kcal 367 Fat 21.2g

The Easter reviews are over and its back to my normal one a day review. Todays review comes in the form of the colossal Yorkie Bar - a bar that dares to bare the slogan 'its not for girls'....personally I think its the most stupid marketing slogan currently out there...distancing your product from its target market can in no cicrcumstances been seen as a positive thing...but hey I only work in marketing so what do I know :) Luckily for me I'm a boy...this means that this bar is definitely for me...and I didn't need a second invitation.

I'm guessing the marketing slogan derives from the sheer size of the weighs in at hefty 68g - boasting a massive 367 Kcal per bar WOWWZA!! One thing is for sure - if you eat this bar your not going to need a second.

Aside from the silly slogan the bar comes in a nice foil pack, this made the bar look and smell quite fresh when opened and there was really quite a strong chocolaty aroma one removed from the packet. The bar was split into five massive sized chunks which I don't think could be described as bitesized for anyone; personally I would have much preferred smaller sized chunks as you get with other bars such as Galaxy and Dairy Milk.

Putting the first chunk into my mouth I was met with a rather familiar taste. It tasted almost identical to the chocolate from my Smarties Easter Egg that I reviewed a couple of days earlier though a little more full flavoured. This was probably due to the freshness of how the product was kept with the egg being in loose foil whilst this bar in a sealed foil wrapper. Anyhow the chocolate was pretty much the same - it wasnt the best chocolate ever nor was it the worst...just your plain run of the mill standard milk chocolate. Texture wise due to its block nature it wasnt melt in the mouth sort of chocolate and had more of a crunch and resistance to it.

By the time I was at the fifth block I was more than satisfied hunger wise and didn't particularly want to finish it off...due to it being for research purposes of course i obliged...being honest though I really doubt I could have managed anymore.

Overall the Yorkie is a no frills bar that doesn't claim to be more than it is. It iss a solid hunger fulfilling milk chocolate bar - that if your in need of a chocolate fix and in risk of starvation is going to do you wonders. If you however are more interested in the finer, good tasting chocolate end of the spectrum I cant say I overly recommend this.

7.8 out of 10

March 25th: Lindt Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

Kcal 272 Fat 16.5g Fat(sats) 10g Carbs 27.5g (per 50g)

My final review of Easter 2008 is the famous Lindt Easter Bunny. The bunny is a particularly popular product at Easter and comes in two variants: Dark and Milk. Unfortunately I was only able to track down a Milk Chocolate version and was unable to get my hands on a dark version..oh well theres always next year :)

Asthetically the bunny looks amazing dressed in its foil wrapper and nice little ribbon. For a product that really wasnt too expensive it really looks the part and would have been great to both send and recieve as a gift...which is what Easter is all about really. The rabbit I sampled came in a 50g serving; just the right amount to sit down and eat in on serving.

After removing the foil a few of the details were still evident on the surface of the chocolate which was a nice touch. The surface of the chocolate was also relatively unscuffed and looked pleasent and clean cut to eye. Upon removing the foil a nice fresh cocoa smell eminated from the bunny which really allured the taste buds.

I decided to break the bunny into mouth sized chunks - similar to how most of us break chocolate eggs I bashed the bunny agaisnt a hard surface (awwww poor bunny haha!) and upon impact it broke it several different sized pieces. One thing that was noticeable was the varying thickness of each parts of the bunny; I cant say I was a big fan of this as some parts were desperately thing whilst other parts were really quite thick (base). This may not be such a biggie for most people but I personally would have preffered a similar all round thickness.

Lindt pride themselves on their good tasting chocolate and this bunny offering certainly didnt let them down. I would aliken the taste as a cross between Thorntons milk chocolate and Galaxy milk chocolate; in that it is really quite rich and creamy yet retains a distinct smoothness that makes it ever so moreish. Becuase of this pleasent tecxture and strong yet unsickly taste I would say it is definately amongst the best milk chocolate I have tasted so far an definately a cut above the standard of the chocolate that was present in the Giant Smarties Egg i reviewed yesterday.

Overall whether giving or recieving this product at Easter your going to be pleased. Its a class looking product that looks the part yet also has a great taste...what more could you want. Its no doubt a product that you would do well buying for your close friends and family as it relatively inexpensive but quality product....just make sure that these friends and family are going to be buying you one back as your not going to be happy parting with them :)

As far as its score goes its done really quite well - its one of the better products I have tasted on Chocolate Mission yet lacks that cutting X-factor that could really differentiate itself and push for the top 5. That said it comes a good 2nd in the Easter rankings; really not far behind the Cadburys Creme Egg which takes the crown of best Easter product this year.

Good stuff from Lindt I cant waite to move onto trying alot more of their range...lets face it if they can do the basics right as they have done here (Milk Chocolate) theres no reason why they cant push the boundaries of Chocolate Mission with their flavoured bars.

8.5 out of 10

March 24th: Nestle Smarties Chocolate Egg

Kcal 525 Fat 28.8g Fat(sats) 18.6g (per 100g)

Despite claiming I had no time for tasting/reviewing the giant chocolate egg that came with my Smarties pack this Easter I didnt forsee the mid afternoon Easter Mondays hitting quite so hard than they did today. In light of this and a reccomendation from a Chocolate Mission reader, I endulged in one half of the egg this afternoon.

My cynicism regarding this egg stems from the sheer amount of variations of Easter Eggs these generic eggs appear in. In almost every branded giant Easter Egg/bars combo, regardless of the manufacture it is verly likely it will come with one of these giant eggs with the same pattern as shown above; which for me just seems a bit boring and uninspired.

Anyway forgetting all that - judging the egg by its merits and not its reputation I have had far worse chocolate. The Shell of the egg was suprisingly thick - alot thicker than I was expecting anyway. Despite its etched in random sectioned pattern as shown above the egg when bashed agaisnt my kitchen table split perfectly down the middle - nice!

Tastewise it was what I expected really. It was neither the worst or best chocolate I have ever tasted, no where near the quality of the better chocolate brands but far from your supermarket own label sugar overloaded stuff. The texture wasnt overly bad either it had a slight melt in the mouth feel which though dosent slightly reach the smoothness of say Galaxy but is still quite nice.

Overall I guess im glad I didnt quite get round to throwing this out before I tasted it. Despite my negative attitude towards it because of the nature of it being generic, tastewise it isnt at all bad and I have to admit that the half I set aside to eat this afternoon was devoured rather quickly. Its definately not going to win any awards for 'best chocolate....well anything' but for a product that I guess alot of us will recieve this Easter period one way or another it isnt all that bad.

7.0 out of 10

March 24th: Nestle Heaven Milk Truffle Egg

Kcal 155 Fat 9.4g Fat(sats) 4.9

Rounding up the mini eggs reviews for Easter 2008 is the last egg from the Nestle Easter range this year. This Heaven egg is nearly exactly the same as the Dark variant I reviewed a week or so ago however as you can probably guess the Dark chocolate is replaced with Milk Chocolate.

As with the dark variant size wise it is lightly smaller than the Cadburys eggs this year, however it is actually the same weight due to it being layered rather than hollow and with a filling. The egg is formed of two layers - one layer of solid milk chocolate about a third or so deep with the rest of the egg filled with a truffle like centre.

Biting into the egg sideways the egg immediatelly split into the two sections. This again although not looking the best is rather handy for eating it and due to the truffle layer also being split down the centre it meant the egg was equally proportioned in each half.

Smell wise the egg offered a small hint of chocolate though not nearly as strong as you would expect given the concentration of the ingredients.

The two layers gave the egg a nice combination of textures with the outer shell providing a nice solid feeling whilst the truffle centre was more melt on the tongue. Unfortunately there wasnt that bigger differential in terms of flavour between the two layers, imagine biting into a layer of solid Cadburys Dairy Milk placed ontop of a Cadburys Wispa (but just replace the aforementioned with standard Nestle chocolate): what you will get it is a nice combination of textures but at the end of it exactly the same taste...its hardly the most exciting or innovative.

Overall this egg was pleasent enough - as I have said above it does have a rather monotomous taste when you consider what they could have done with both the layers. That said the egg is pleasent in blending a nice variation of textures and one of these eggs is certainly enough to cure hunger - if you see these hanging around some bargain bins post Easter its well worth picking a few up.

7.4 out of 10

March 23rd: Nestle Rolo Egg

Kcal 176 Fat 8.4g Fat(sats) 4.9

Nestle certainly have been busy this Easter pumping out the different variations of mini eggs with several different branded variations. The Rolo egg is very similar to the Cadburys Dairy Milk with Caramel offering - both are 38g and both are packed full to the brim with their respected flavoured this case packed full of toffee.

Again I slightly chilled the egg so the toffee would solidify and be less messy; unfortunately upon opening I was greeted with a situation of toffee overspill and the toffee was literally bursting out a small gap in the top; I guess this gives you an idea of how packed this egg was. One thing to note is that although having more toffee in it than its Cadburys Caramel counterpart the shell was notably thinner.

The mess aside the smell of the toffee was quite alluring though the chocolate was rather scentless and offered very little.

Biting into the egg and the situation got an awful lot more messy. As I have said above the chocolate was quite thin and immediately cracked all over the place. Due to its slightly chilled nature the toffee remained firm and quite viscuous in texture.

Despite the sheer plentifulness of the toffee it does avoid being sickly and is very smooth in taste. Its flavour is rather unique and despite not quite reaching the heights of Cadburys/Galaxy caramel is a rather good alternative and is one that im sure any will enjoy. The chocolate due to its thin nature is rather lost in the flavour of the toffee - its not thick enough to really stamp its flavour on the tastebuds.

Overall this is one of the better Nestle mini eggs out this year. The toffee is plentiful and pleasent in taste though the chocolate is slightly lacking in constituants and flavour which is why it dosent quite hit the score of the better Easter products - a solid yet unspectacular choice for this Easter.

8.3 out of 10

March 23rd: Nestle Smarties Shaker Egg

Kcal 123 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.9g

Having reviewed Smarties yesterday I chose today to sample the 'shakers' version of the Smarties range this Easter.

Similar to the Milkybar 'Shakers' egg I had the other day this unique little offering replaced the traditional creme/fondant centre with a helping of solid loose mini I say mini and I mean minature.

The Smarties inside were about a quarter of the size of a traditional Smartie and unfortunately this was to their detriment. One thing I liked about the Smarties yesterday was that the sugar shells were not overpowering; unfortunately this was not the case here as the sugar shells made up over half of each of their individual constituants making them in taste to be nothing more than litte sugar lumps - disappointing. Yesterday I also praised Smarties for including an orangey flavour to the orange coloured smarties; sadly this was not a flavour I could detect in the mini orange smarties...saying that though I could hardly taste the chocolate in them anyway regardless the colour.

The egg itself was a rather standard in flavour being neither unappealing or overly pleasent - just average really. The egg was decorated rather nicely with a few patterns etched into the side aswell as the Nestle logo. Also despite their unpleasent taste the mini Smarties at least looked nice adding a bit of colour to the product.

In size it was neither the biggest or the smallest - the mini Smarties were quite plentiful and the shell was of standard thickness compared to other Easter offerings.

Overall this seems to me to be a bit of a missed oppertunity by Nestle. The idea concept is unique and the inclusion of Smarties in the shell is at least original and a nice break from the usual creme/fondant/truffle concept. Unfortunately due to the average tasting chocolate and disappointing make up of the mini Smarties the experience is rather underwhelming. There is better out there this Easter.

6.4 out of 10

March 22nd: Nestle Smarties

Kcal 175 Fat 6.5g Fat(sats) 3.7

The Easter bunny isnt supposed to be making his official visit until tommorow but I was a lucky boy and was the reciever of a Smarties Easter Egg today from a kind relative.

Included in this Easter Egg pack were the standard chocolate egg that is included with all Cadburys Eggs this Easter and also two hexatube packs of Nestle Smarties. Tossing the chocolate egg to the side (no time for generic chocolate eggs this year round people!) I opened my first tube of Smarties for a good ten years :) smell??...distinctly lacking - no aroma worth mentioning aside from a slightly sweet smell.

One quick note is that the packaging claims that there is no artifical colourings or flavors...honestly thats a tad puzzling considering the colours these come in!? The blue colour is back!? does anyone care lol not me. Despite the meaningless package claim theres no doubting that they look great, natraul - no? appertising - kinda...intresting and different - definately.

Anyone whose been reading Chocolate Mission thus far will know that sugary shelled products havent been amongst the most highgly rated. I generally find them very artifical tasting (they genereally are!) and many of these products have been too dominated by these overpowering sweet flavours - not a good omen for a product that describes itself as 'milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell'.

Smarties come in seven colours - all of which are the same in taste with the orange colour aside which has a slight orangey twang to it. Plently of nostalgic feelings quickly filled me as I emptied the contents of one the hexatubes into a bowl - the colours look amazing and although you know they all generally taste the same you cant help but match up your favourite colours and pick out the orange ones - great fun :D

After finally finishing fiddling around playing around matching up the colours (oh come on I cant be the only one) I finally got round to eating them :) Although slightly wary of the sugary shells I really quite enjoyed their presence in the product. The shells are far thinner than their M&M counterparts but still added a nice crispy bite to the product. Their thiness meant that they did not dominate the flavour and the milk chocolate quickly presented itself to the tastebuds and established itself as the dominant ingredient.

Chocolatewise Smarties are rather indifferent, their small size nature meant that whilst the chocolate is not overpowered its not a particularly strong flavour - that being said the blend of the shells and chocolate is overly pleasent and a single tube (38g) is a more than adequete serving size.

The orange Smarties although not plentiful in number (I only got two in a whole pack grrr!) are pleasent and the orange taste is a nice element to throw into the mix - why arent there tubes with just Orange smarties!? I guess this must have been done in some Limited edition capacity already??

Overall theres no doubting Smarties look great in appearance and im sure they probably bring back tons of great childhood memories for many a person. This aside though Smarties are a product that are never going to win any prizes in terms of taste. They are one of those products that are never going to offer an overly differential flavour extravaganza but if its a great looking nostalgic bringing chocolate experience your after, you can go little wrong with Smarties.

7.9 out of 10

March 21st: Thorntons Praline Filled Egg

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

For those of you who were lucky enough to be viewing the site the other day when I posted up a link for a free Thorntons Easter egg and signed up for one you may want to read on as your going to enjoy reading this.

Before stumbling across the Thorntons offer the other day I had already purchased a few of these from my local shop for the grand total of 59p each; I couldnt resist as these looked great in their snazzy foil wrappers.

This Thorntons egg seemed almost identical in size to the Cadburys Eggs...dont hold me to this precisely but to me it seemed neither bigger or smaller. Unwrapping the egg from its foil wrapper I was immediately greeted with a nutty praline smell; it smelt absolutely stunning and it sort of brought a sense that this product was quite fresh and hadnt been lieing around a warehouse for months like maybe some of the other Easter products I have reviewed.

The egg is formed of two layers, a thick shell of milk chocolate with chopped nuts thrown in surrounding a plentiful centre of praline truffle.

The shell was glorious in taste - the chocolate was smooth and very creamy; the added chopped nuts to the mix was a pleasent suprise I wasnt expecting it added a slight crunch to the smoothness and in terms of flavour just a small subtle hint of nut. The Centre was equally as tasty - it had a full flavoured nuttyness to it however avoided being overpowering; very nice indeed. In texture it was firm yet velvety and had a real luxurious feel to it. As the truffle filling filled most of the egg there was no problem in proportioning and each mouthful was a nice balance of shell and truffle filling.

Overall if you were lucky enough to have signed up for a free on of these (which im guessing will be delivered to us all after Easter) your in for a real treat. This is an extremely tasty egg and definately an option worth considering if your neither a fan of the Cadburys or Mars eggs this Easter. Good work from the master of Choclatiering ;) It will be great to hear all your thoughts on it when yours come through the post.

8.7 out of 10

March 21st: Kinder Suprise Egg

Kcal 120 Fat 7.0g

Anyone who had any form of childhood must have come across a Kinder Suprise at some point. For those of you that missed out altogether I can tell you that this chocolate egg is not only avalible at Easter but all year round. This is not your average chocolate egg..oh no...heres the hook...inside this hollow 20g treat lies a self assembly toy which will entertain anyone under the age of 5 for all a matter of minutes.

The egg is formed of two very thin layers, one of milk chocolate (outer layer as seen above) and one lighter coloured inside layer that is decribed as 'milk flavoured'.

As described above the egg is particularly thin and not in anyway substantial enough to cure any sort of hunger; because of this relatve thinness it means the egg offers very little in terms of texture and despite the smooth nature of the chocolate its particularly unexciting in terms of an eating experience.

Tastewise there really isnt much to shout about. Theres no actual distinguishable taste difference between the two layers which is overly worrying considering the differences in colour. The taste is sweet in flavour and lacks any sort of depth or distinguishable aspect.

Overall this really is a product that should be well left alone unless your under the age of ten years old. I can see why this is such a popular product with kids...I mean why wouldnt it be...its a toy and chocolate...sadly for those of us who have passed these precious years its best we stay we clear.

5.3 out of 10
*Credit for the picture

March 20th: Mars Egg

Kcal 166 Fat 8.6g Fat(sats) 6.9g

Aside from your Cadburys offerings this is pretty much the most readily avalible mini egg on the market this Easter.

This delightful little offering promised the prospect of a Mars bar all encompassed in one nice seasonal egg - this had all the promisings of being a real challenger for the creme egg crown.

The egg in size is slightly smaller than the Cadburys offerings this easter coming in at a pretty standard 33g. I am told this is slightly smaller than last years which used to at least be the equivalent size of the Cadburys Eggs.

I chilled the egg again slightly hoping that the caramel would solidify somewhat and not make a mess when I was eating it; after removing from the fridge and peeling off the nice looking foil I was pleased to be hit with a sweet smelling chocolatey caramel aroma - a good start. One thing I must again mention is the same familiar patterned oval shapes etched into the egg...exactly the same as the Cadburys egg..surely these eggs cant all be being producded in the same place!!?...someone care to clear this up?

Biting into the egg I was met with a whole host of different layers of filling. The Chocolate being from the fridge was crunchy and a equally delicous to the creamy chocolate that is synonomous with the original Mars bar...ok granted its not the greatest chocolate in the world but it is rather pleasent to say the least. The next flavour that was evident was the caramel - even though the egg was slightly chilled it wa still suprisingly runny and left a long trail coming from the egg with my initial bite...ohh the mess :D....the mess is insignificant though as the taste more than makes up for it smooth and full of flavour DE-LISH!

The last component of the egg is the nougat. The nougat found in this egg is brilliantly managed in both proportion and taste. It occupied one half of the inside of the egg . Although this meant it wasnt best spread it was correct in measure. The texture was far less chewy than the nougat found in the original Mars bars and was much smoother; I must say that I preffered this texture to the one found in the original bar as it meant it dominated the other flavours less.

Overall the only letdown with this bar is the unfortunate size change it has undergone. Why Mars have made the egg smaller I do not know- rather puzzling to say the least. In terms of taste this is definately on the same level as the Cadburys Creme Egg, its combination of good tasting chocolate, chewy caramel and smoother than normal nougat makes for a delicous balance of flavours. If it wernt for the fact I was left wanting another straight away I would rate this at least on the same level as the Creme egg; I would reccomend picking up some of these this Easter especially if your a fan of Mars bars.

8.7 out of 10
*Credit for the picture

March 20th: Cadburys Curly Wurly

Kcal 115 Fat 4.6g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 18.0g

Having previously reviewed the Cadburys Curly Wurly Squrleys you may be asking yourself why I would write a review on the Curly Wurly...well they are packaged and presented differenly so why not :D

No suprise that in taste at least there is absolutely no discrepencies between the two products - I would even hazard a guess that the Curly Wurly Squrleys are off cuts of the Curly Wurly as they have absoluely no different in formula whatsoever - chewy caramel encased in Dairy Milk Chocolate...fair enough.

The only actual tangible differences in the two products are they way they are presented. The Curly Wurly is in a bar form of 26g whilst a bag of 'CWS' offers you are far more hunger fufilling 46g in small bite sized chunks. Personally I prefer the bar form and its certainly fun seeing how far you can stretch the caramel after each bite (come on I cant be the only one to do this!!).

Overall im left with the sense that theres no real need for both of these products to be on the market - and thats not even considering the Cadburys Chomp which is exactly the same product in a more boring shaped bar. In terms of flavours the Curly Wurly/Squrley is pleasent and whilst not being the most innovative or exciting is distinctive enough to merit some form of existance, just not in two different forms! A halfway house of a 40g bar of this would be great! If your after a fun looking, ok tasting snack you cant really go wrong - just dont expect this to be more than that.

6.6 out of 10

March 19th: Nestle Milkybar Shaker Egg

Kcal 110 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.9g Carbs 12g

Im yet to find a better white chocolate than Milkybar, so given the opportunity to review this Easters Milkybar egg offering from Neslte I was hardly going to be turning it down.

The egg is part of Neslte's unique 'Shaker' range which sees the traditional creme like filling found in most mini Easter products replaced with mini flavoured solid pieces - in this instance white chocoate flavoured rice puffs. The name is obviously dervied from the rattling noise that these small pieces cause as they shaken agaisnt the solid chocolate shell.

The egg had a sweet smelling vanilla like flavour typically found in most Milkybar products. I decided to eat this particular product by biting off the top of the egg empyting the contents and eating the rest of the shell whislt nibbling away at the rice pieces.

Tastewise this egg was delicous, The shell was thick and thoroughly enjoyable. The change of format did not have a profound change in the taste and it was much the same sweet vanilla type flavour I found with the Milkybar Chunky I reviewed in January. The puffed rice particles also added a nice texture to the mix, they were similar to rice crispies in density but had far more flavour and subsequently added a nice variaton in texture to the thick dense shell.

Overall this was a nice concept that was executed well by Nestle. Milkybar is a very popular product and it would have been all too easy to just release a Milkybar egg with some form of white chocolate creme, Nestle have introducded a new concept to the egg market by going agaisnt the grain and bringing something new to the table with the 'Shaker' concept. Tastewise your never going to go wrong withMilkybar and if your after something a little different this Easter I would recommend you give this a try.

8.0 out of 10

March 19th: Nestle Walnut Whip Vanilla

Kcal 174 Fat 8.9g Fat(sats) 4.9g Carbs 21.6g

Previously produced by Duncans these have been manafactured since 1910 - thats one hell of a history; surely this must mean this product is something special!? Walnut Whips have come in many different flavours over the years, it was to my great suprise I learnt that this vanilla flavour is currently the only variant in production.

The build of the Walnut Whip is unique yet simple: a very light fluffy whipped centre is encased in a cone shaped milk chocolate shell - topped off with a single walnut. Despite its rich heritage this actually came in a rather modern snazzy blue foil wrapper - personally I think they are missing a trick here and more a more traditional wrapper would suite the product more.

Moving onto more important aspects....the Walnut Whip lacked any distinct sort of smell: a faint sweet chocolate smell could be detected but there was little more than this. Upon tasting the product I was immediately disappointed; I decided to first eat the walnut so delicately placed ontop of the cone shape. To my disappointment (and more disgust!) the walnut tasted really rather stale and lacked any sort of taste worthwhile mentioning...not a good start.

The chocolate shell wasn't too bad - the chocolate was far from glorious yet hardly insulting; one thing that was rather pleasant about it was its relative thickness. The flavour of the 'Whip' is described a vanilla yet im still struggling to see where this flavour is adopted. The centre of the whip is nothing short of woeful! In texture I would say it can be likened to whipped cream, in regards to taste I would liken it to candy floss...pretty much 100% sugar. It really adds nothing more than a sickly taste - nothing even close to being vanilla flavoured at all.

Overall I cannot understand how this product has survived so long with other quality products readily available on the market. The Nestle website claims that a Walnut Whip in the UK is eaten every two minutes which is really quite remarkable considering I have had one and would probably never consider buying one again. This dosent come with a recommendation from the Chocolate Mission though I guess on balance I have had worse.

5.9 out of 10